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Mother's day when your mom is dead is awkward


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Over the last week, I've had a number of people give the "are you seeing your mother on Sunday?" Line. I've grown to just be like "yeah." It's kind of like when strangers ask how you're doing and you just say "good" whether that's true or not because they don't actually want to know. At the same time, it seems like a very personal question to ask someone informally. How do you know I don't hate my mother? How do you know I'm not an orphan? How do you know I wasn't created in a lab?

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I feel ya. At this point, I’ve been without my mom for over half my life. 

Didn’t realize that was today. Maybe subconsciously that’s why I picked up some beer and was about to start the first real night of drinking I’ve had in months. 

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