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FF XIV Announcement Friday, February 5th


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6.0 will be the end of the main story that has been going on since 1.0. This does not mean the story of FFXIV is over. It just means that Volume 2 of FFXIV is starting. It is FFXIV-2. Patch 6.1 will start the new story. The start of volume 2. 


At least that is what Yoshi-P says. We'll see if it is true or not. 

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Belts are being removed. No more belts. They consider them a wasted slot. The 30 item slots you had for belts in you armoury chest will distributed across the rest of your armoury chest. Well they are keeping 5 for a rainy day for some reason. 

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Baaarely. Usually the only things that carry over are a person named Cid, the arpeggio and the general theme of crystals.


In any case, I am 100% down for a shield-based healer. We currently have a healer that does a lot of shielding, but I think they could do more. Would also love a melee-aoe healer. That is, you deal damage and the damage you deal heals your group in an AOE type fashion. There was a great class that did just that in Warhammer.

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