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  1. Haven't started, but this sounds fine to me. I prefer a good slow burn. In my opinion a lot of modern horror falls flat because they can't be arsed to set the mood properly. Horror isn't just jump scares and long haired girls crawling on all fours, and studios need to learn that. This isn't commentary on Haunted Hill, just horror in general.
  2. I wish to discuss my swole-ology and general swole-osophy. I'm looking to turn this 250 pounds of boogers into 250 pounds of raw power.
  3. If I'm gonna give my honest opinion, I feel like a lot of the 'Hardcore Lovecraft fans' out there base their knowledge of Lovecraft on a combination of the more pop culture side of the Cthulhu mythos and having read the stories 10+ years ago as kids. It wouldn't surprise me if the closest many of these people got to actually reading The Colour Out of Space was the Wiki synopsis.
  4. I see you're new to all this vintage internet, too! I think the two of us deserve our own Pewdiepie subpatch here 😍
  5. Nice! Welcome back home! Covid-19 kinda has me on my butt, so to speak, at the moment. My last job ended just before lockdown occurred. Fun fact, I was actually taking a train ride into San Francisco when they announced they were shutting the city down. It was supposed to be my vacation. Things are still going good, just taking the opportunity to take things slow at the moment. I don't think I need to tell anyone that 2020 has been rough . Overall I'm doing well, though! I'm in good health, I have a roof over my head, those around me are in good health(Mom just got clea
  6. Likewise, hope all is going well in the world of @Nokra
  7. People blasted Biden for 'Not answering' one question. Pence can't even seem to remember what the question was that was asked him at any given point in time.
  8. Pence originally said there would be a vaccine before the end of the year. He just said we would have one within a year. He has just gone back to saying by the end of the year. Glad we have an exact date on that.
  9. "Pence, could you explain to us why you and the Trump administration thought the Rose Garden event was a good idea?" "American families have sacrificed so much to put their family and neighbors first."
  10. I saw a lot of 'die hard' Lovecraft fans complaining it was too divergent from the original story. I feel like they haven't read the story in forever. Like much of Lovecraft's stories, it's vague as Hell. It never goes into specific details really, other than to basically spend a few paragraphs at a time saying 'And then people were really worried, but they couldn't explain why', or 'Bad things were happening down at the farm' but not explaining what. The movie, in my opinion, did a great job at filling in the finer details to flesh out a more full movie. A straight adaptation would have been
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