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  1. Edit: Sorry, I had to. I read your comment in the voice of Brick. Anyways. No. There is no mechanism for the other justices to remove another justice. The only thing they could do I suppose is guilt him into resigning.
  2. Yeah. Is the Federalist dumb as shit? Yes. Yes they are.
  3. The best thing the Democrats could do for themselves and their future hopes for winning the presidency is to uncap the size of the house. It's been kept at 535 members since the 1929 apportionment act. Increasing the size of the house will lead to more districts that they would likely win. More importantly, it would create more electoral college votes, as that is based the number of senators plus representatives for each state.
  4. A buncha librul tears in the gallery right now "The sergeant of arms will restore order in the gallery"
  5. Yeah, that's my take on this. With less than a month until the election, if the Democrats can keep up their rage, they should be able turn that into big wins In November.
  6. The only people who really understand it are the 4 million people in DC and PR. To everyone else, it's a factoid that is rediscovered during election time and then quickly forgotten about. Edit: I will say I support PR statehood, but do not support DC becoming a state. They should either remain a federal district, or be absorbed back into maryland with a corresponding increase in representatation in the house.
  7. The Senate shouldn't be elected by the people anyways. It should be appointed by the state legislatures. And in the event a legislature is deadlocked or otherwise unable to fill an open seat, then the Governor should be able to appoint an interim Senator. We don't need to two house of the people. We need one for the people (the House) and one for the state governments (Senate).
  8. It's a criticism after they realize they didn't understand our system. Therefore, they misunderstood it.
  9. Do people not understand how our government is structured? Is this a mind blowing revelation to some?
  10. One amendment to rule them all: 1.Kill the electoral college and use the popular vote for president 2. Kill the 17th amendment and return the election of senators to the state legislatures. 3. Expand the house to guarantee 1 rep for every 100,000 residents.
  11. -End money in politics Impossible. -End partisan gerrymandering Increase the size of the house instead. 1 rep for every 100,000 residents. -Paper ballots Better yet: 100% mail in ballots. It works great in WA and OR. -Open Primaries Sure, why not. -Same day voter registration Sure, why not?
  12. They expand it to 11, and then when the GOP gets control, they expand it to 13.
  13. He would either have to resign voluntarily, or the Senate would have to remove him, which requires 66 votes.
  14. What if Elon is trying to get fired from Tesla? Maybe this is like the plot of Brewster's Millions? But instead of having to spend 30 million dollars in a month to collect 300 million dollars, Musk's task is to be fined 20 million dollars to spiral tesla into a nosedive?
  15. Could something like this cripple US infrastructure, transportation, and communication in the event of a (cyber) war?
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