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  1. Working from home for an airline and took a 20% pay cut. I did receive my $1,200 stimulus check. Of course the essential people workers being put into harms way should get extra pay.
  2. I do look forward to Nancy’s tweet being very stern when Trump declares the 2020 results void and stays in office.
  3. They are just going through the greatest hits. First, they go with lack of Jesus in school, then switch to violent video games and pot. At this rate they will be blaming Marilyn Manson next week.
  4. I just want to know what the hell the writers have done to Tyrion. This guy goes from out strategizing Stannis, who is arguably one is the best military minds in the country, to actually believing Cersi will march north because she rubs her belly. I just want them to provide a mercy killing at the Battle of Winterfell.
  5. When I was in Ireland and Utah last year people tried to walk right off the edge at the Cliffs of Moher and places in Zion National Park. They were to concerned about that perfect selfie. In both cases, someone had to intervene to save them.
  6. I will never understand why people blow up like this over something this small. Who gets this angry over a straw and puts their hand on someone? She will probably end up getting fired by McDonalds for this even though he put his hands on he
  7. The online has been a bit better with their update to the economy, but it is still messed up. I always enjoy spending more money on baked beans than I earn on selling a gold ring. Some of the PvP is fun when everyone has the same load outs, but when your going up against people with semi automatic pistols you stand no chance. I am not going to pay real money to just stand a chance in PvP so probably won’t be playing that much unless the balance is better. I do not know who thought it was a good idea to use your free roam ammo in PvP too.
  8. We were just talking about what they were going to do with the iPad Mini at work since our Flight Attendants use them and it’s almost time to refresh. I thought they would kill it off and let the bigger iPhones take that area.
  9. Just finished the season in a week and a half and loved it. I only jumped at a few seasons, but was creepy enough to give me goosebumps throughout. The only thing that I did not like was the actor who played Luke. The guy was to well put together to be a recovering addict. Just kind of pulled me out of his struggles.
  10. Cancer is such a terrible way to go. My dad passed away this year from liver and esophageal cancer. Felt bad at Christmas, diagnosed at the beginning of January, and was gone by the end of February.
  11. So far this has been a pretty solid match. Dueling AJ/Rusev Day chants are great, but hard to get th crowd going after about 2 hours of crap.
  12. Rousey has a much with Nia and she is out here clapping for her. She needs to be the killer like she showed with Alexa.
  13. Other than KO almost dying this PPV has been boring.
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