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  1. MCU Phase One and Two only get better with time

      IRON MAN THREE is the best IRON MAN movie. Sorry, I'm just the messenger.   I do think that AoU might fluctuate with IM3 ranking-wise, but that's largely because the former is a very big project serving a lot of masters (very well, IMO) whereas the latter is a consciously reductionist look at a single character with a very large helping of personality from the co-writer/director that also has some of the very best surprises of the entire MCU.   Thing is, much as I like IRON MAN (I like all the MARVEL movies, actually, but 1-9 I like quite a lot), it's very much a product of the early growing pains of the project. The script very visibly switches gears 2/3 of the way through the film (you can tell they didn't have a finished screenplay when shooting), and while I like the 5-act structure it boasts, the film suffers measurably going into the finale.   IRON MAN 2 is even worse in that regard (it and HULK are the closest the MCU has come to having outright bad films), essentially saved by RDJ and Paltrow's chemistry and the face that Cheadle was an unexpectedly strong replacement for Terrence Howard.
  2. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

      Everything except the kid was CGI. The animals, the jungle, the water, the grass. All of it.
  3. X-Men Apocalypse final trailer

    Man, I'm glad we have Wolverine in the film, I was worried we might not have enough movies featuring the character.
  4. MCU Phase One and Two only get better with time

    AGE OF ULTRON is really fucking good, and only improves on revisits. Its thematic throughline and character work is some of the strongest of the MCU.   Fuck it, since this is gonna be the thing to do immediately pre- and post-CIVIL WAR: 1. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2. THE WINTER SOLDIER 3. THE AVENGERS 4. IRON MAN THREE 5. AGE OF ULTRON 6. THE FIRST AVENGER 7. ANT-MAN 8. THOR 9. IRON MAN 10. THOR: THE DARK WORLD 11. IRON MAN 2 12. THE INCREDIBLE HULK   Only the bottom three are really that weak (and I still enjoy them all), but the top 5 are fucking great, with THE FIRST AVENGER being every bit as goot as most of them except for a final beat that should have been a post-credit scene instead of the ending proper (Cap waking up - film should have ended w/the kids playing in the street). I agree overall that Phase 1 and 2 are really damn strong (especially everything relating to Cap, who hasn't starred in a weak film yet), with fewer miss-steps being made as the MCU progresses. And Phase 3 looks like it's off to a cracking start.
  5. Jason Bourne - official trailer

      Factually incorrect.   And I'll be honest...I can *kinda* tell which movie certain scenes are from, but I'm weird like that. Between the outfits Damon tends to wear (he hews closer to darker colors post-IDENTITY) and the setting can help, but the initial advantage of the series - the heightened "realism" - also lends itself to a certain same-ness after a while.   Though this, with the way it's drinking in Vegas during a lot of those action beats, is a nice blend of recognizable scenery without going crazy.
  6. Jason Bourne - official trailer

      No one remembers that, though. And it was a different dude. This would be more like if CREED had come decades earlier. And sucked.
  7. Ironman to be in Spiderman Homecoming!

      There's a MARVEL One-Shot that explicitly makes that a possibility, if not an inevitability.
  8. Jason Bourne - official trailer

    Except if ROCKY BALBOA came after ROCKY III instead of the far inferior ROCKY's IV and V.
  9. Jason Bourne - official trailer

    Cat-and-mouse sequence, improvised weapon-fu, car chase - yep, that's some Bourne all right.   Hey, one thing though - can we be done with Jason Bourne being an emotionless automaton now? The best part of the first film was Damon's humanity and occasional humor, and the literal plot of the film revolved around him NOT being a sub-human murderbot. Kinda wish they'd bring that Jason Bourne back...
  10. I'm LOVING Chris Pratt as Cowboy Toshiro Mifune. Hell, the whole cast looks bangarang - hope Fuqua (who's notoriously hit-or-miss) delivers here.
  11. Ironman to be in Spiderman Homecoming!

    And at this point, MARVEL is just doing victory laps. I don't even care - LOVE IT.
  12. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

      What this guy says. THE JUNGLE BOOK was awesome, maybe even better than CINDERELLA (which is awesome) and probably the best film version of the story flat-out. Favreu makes what might be his best film (and I really like IRON MAN) with some of the most HUMAN work to grace CGI since Andy Serkis brought Gollum to life.
  13. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    ^ Hell of an opening, though - right?    THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER - 9/10   PATRIOT GAMES - 9/10   I have a real soft spot for the 90's Jack Ryan films. They were a well-known franchise that courted big names, but favored smart scripts and and tight film-making over bloated budgets. RED OCTOBER is a great nautical romp with an absolutely legendary cast that manages to make you feel sympathetic to every side of the conflict and features an all-time great score by Basil Poledouris. And I dig Baldwin's ernetsly-doofy but quietly capable turn as Jack Ryan, and I'll love Connery no matter where is Scottish accent is supposedly from.   PATRIOT GAMES leans more into Ryan as a character/anchored family man and Ford just KILLS it, while the cast (again, ridiculously good) bounce off each other during an obscene amount of story and incident spread over less than two hours of film (seriously, LOOK at all the shit that happens in this movie!). Then everything culminates in a kick-ass siege sequence that features some awesome tense moments and cathartic reversals and another great score, this time by an Irish-tinged James Horner.   Both of these are extremely accomplished (but fairly reserved) work from action directors (John "DIE HARD" McTiernan and Philip Noyce, respectively) who really don't get enough credit these days, and I really dig the way these films work, even if their continuity is shaggy at best.   Can't wait to finish off the "trilogy" with CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.
  14. Damn good remake, actually stronger than the original animated film. Disney's on a roll.
  15. Spider-Man MCU film has a title!

    Feige has said that this is "A Sony production of a MARVEL studios film." So there you go.   Also, HOMECOMING is such a great title. For one, I dig the idea of it being centered around a high school dance with crazy superheroics thrown in - the thought of something like BACK TO THE FUTURE IN TIGHTS is exactly what this franchise needs. And I *really* love the "back to where he belongs" subtext that the title has as well. Huge "big swinging dick" move on the part of MARVEL.