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  1. SirRothwyn added a post in a topic The MCU Might Get a Lot More Interesting   

    Unproven - though CIVIL WAR is basically their audition tape for taking over the AVENGERS films, and my fingers could not be more crossed.
    Make no mistake, Whedon was absolutely the PERFECT guy to get for the AVENGERS. The guy can do character set-up and pay-off as well as genuinely compelling group dynamics better than almost anyone working in genre blockbusters, and he knows how to keep a story grounded in humanity even against ridiculously epic stakes.
    Either way, this is great news.
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  2. SirRothwyn added a post in a topic ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~   

    THE BABADOOK - 10/10
    Wow, this was also fantastic. Not only a kick-ass boogeyman horror film, but also a sharp and insightful dissection of the realities of living with mental issues.
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  3. SirRothwyn added a post in a topic Want hot Hobbit on Elf penetration? The extended version of Battle of the Five Armies is going to be R-Rated, supposedly.   

    An R-rated version of what was ostensibly the adaptation of a CHILDREN'S STORY feels like the some sort of ultimate confirmation of just how misguided this entire trilogy was.
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  4. SirRothwyn added a post in a topic ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~   

    IT FOLLOWS  - 10/10
    Fucking LOVED this film. Like, I'd compare it to Carpenter's THE THING (in a good way), and I basically never do that with films.
    THE DESCENT - 9/10
    Fucking awesome monster movie. It kinda has everything - nifty creatures, lots of gore, a neat first act with tons of tension and spooks before the monsters even show up, some compelling psychological drama, strong female characters, and CLIMBING AXES FUCKING SHIT RIGHT UP.
    Best horror film of the last decade. Maybe of the last two. Can't fucking wait to watch kids who grew up watching THE AVENGERS discover this over the next 10 years or so and have their minds fucking blown.
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