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  1. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Went back for seconds on THE NICE GUYS and it's even better the second time around. Full thoughts here
  2. Beauty and the Beast trailer

      Honestly, no - there's not. The original is as close to perfect as the "Modern Disney Musical" has yet come, and part of what made THE JUNGLE BOOK and CINDERELLA (remake editions) so effective is that they were taking whacks at films which had previously been turned into films that - while remembered - weren't exactly great themselves. B&tB is great already.   However, I'm totally down for a big-budget live-action musical version, because live-action big-budget musicals aren't exactly things you see often these days.
  3. THE NICE GUYS is fucking great

    Haven't seen any discussion of this film - what gives? It's a great buddy comedy in the vein of Shane Black's greats with a hilarious script and a breakout Abbot/Costello routine from the leads. As a fan of KISS KISS BANG BANG, I was already in the bag for anything Black directed, but I fucking LOVE this movie.   Check it out, it's well worth your time.
  4. Star Trek Beyond - Trailer 2

    I dig the trailer - it's a bit frenetic, but it's obviously lower-stakes than the last couple films (fate of one crew rather than all of earth/intergalactic war, and so on) and the "we're stuck on an alien planet and have to think/punch our way off" is absolutely original-series TREK schtick. Amping that up with some bigger action seems like a solid fit for a films series, and there are already hints of plenty of smaller moments (love Kirk and Bones sharing and drink, and it feels like Bones and Spock interact more in the trailer than in all of INTO DARKNESS).   I'm not wild about the Enterprise getting destroyed, but to be fair, it hasn't actually happened in a few films (only damaged seriously), so whatever. And as others have said, Lin is a damn good director of genre ensemble films, and his track record ain't any worse than Abrams'. Then there's the fact that Simon Pegg has co-written three of the smartest genre films of the century in the CORNETTO TRILOGY.
  5. Beauty and the Beast trailer

    It's a killer cast, and the film already looks like it nails the aesthetic. Can't wait.   Incidentally, this movie is gonna be HUGE. Like, JUNGLE BOOK levels of big or bigger. Billion-dollar club very likely. That millennial generation 90'stalgia that helped make JURASSIC WORLD such a hit? Yeah, that's gonna be working here big-time.
  6. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING - 8/10   Quite liked it - Teddy Sanders has become one of my favorite comedy characters of the past few years.     THE NICE GUYS - 10/10   Fucking masterful. Shane Black really ups his game, and I already liked his previous two directorial efforts.     KISS KISS BANG BANG - 9/10   Still love it, but I think TNG is a slight step up.
  7. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Oh, and I watched the in-franchise "trilogy" of FAST FIVE, FAST & FURIOUS 6, and FURIOUS 7. Damn, those movies are fucking rad, and I love the ensemble so much that FURIOUS 6 might have supplanted 5 as my personal favorite.
  8. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON - 9/10   Not quite the near-perfect blockbuster concoction that the first was, but with far stronger character arcs and thematic underpinning. It gets pretty crowded, but it's still a massively entertaining film that we'd never even dreamed of getting a mere 5-10 years ago.     CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - 10/10   Love it just as much the second time. GUARDIANS will likely always be my comfort go-to MARVEL film, but CIVIL WAR is probably the high poin to of the entire genre at this point. Everything just works.     MILLENIUM ACTRESS - 10/10   I miss Satoshi Kon, and this film in particular has gained even more weight since his passing.     I also finished Season 2 of THE UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT. Fucking adore that show.
  9. X-men Apocalypse Tomatometer Watch

    Bummer about this - I was hoping for two superhero trilogies to have good conclusions this month, but that seems real doubtful. Though at least DOFP wraps things up nicely enough that I don't need another X-MEN movie after that one.
  10.   I grew up reading Spider-Man and watching X-Men, but I was largely a DC fan for most of my life. I did not give a single solitary shit about the Avengers. But then IRON MAN changed everything.   Now Captain America, a character I dismissed as a teenager,  is my favorite movie superhero. Full stop. The MCU changes things up with new characters and fresh developments every time it seems like they're about to get stale, and I can't get enough of it.
  11. Watchmen: Remind me why this movie sucks again?

    ^ What Twin & Greatone said, except I'll actually defend Hallelujah. WATCHMEN is the one time that Snyder's fascination with deconstructing superheroes was wholly appropriate (because duh) and is a haunting, beautiful film.
  12.   BvS was the first on-screen pairing of the two biggest superhero icons EVER, coming at the height of the genre's popularity, AND it features the big screen debut of the most popular female superhero of all time. It absolutely should have been the biggest hit of the year, it was practically engineered to be exactly that.   And it almost was - its opening day had it making AVENGERS money. If audiences hadn't turned on it immediately (because it's a terrible, boring, mean-spirited slog), it could have been exactly the gargantuan hit WB wanted and expected. The excitement was absolutely there, but every day that people actually saw it, it made less and less.
  13. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

      This - basically the entire airport sequence is Whedony as all hell, but the Russos are also following in his dramatic footsteps. CIVIL WAR simply doesn't work without the rivalry that Whedon was building between Tony and Steve from the first time they meet in AVENGERS 1, or the way he raised their level of direct responsibility in AGE OF ULTRON.   As for parts of AoU being "corny" (aside from the fact that dismissing unironic emotion as void of dramatic merit is the very thinking that leads to puerile ideas of MATURE in films like BvS), look at where the team is. They're not properly united, they're all trying to go their separate ways - they haven't EARNED that group shot, which is why it feels hollow.   The one in Sokovia at the end, however, is there one that IS genuine, that IS earned, which is why it leads to them - as a team - bringing Ultron to his knees instead of leading to a near-fatal injury of one of their team.   I do agree that CIVIL WAR strikes the perfect tone for it's story, but the idea that that's the proper tone for the entire MCU is not only laughably wrong, it's ignoring the fact that previous MCU films have boasted differing tones appropriate to their genre or story type. The paranoid spy thriller feels different than the space opera comedy which feels different from the high fantasy family drama which feels different than the heist movie which feels different than the pulp adventure which feels different than the monster movie which feels different than the techno action film which feels different than the globe-trotting macguffin quest. Demanding a single time for those disparate genres is just dumb.
  14.   Good point, though - since Evans has also said that he's game to be Cap for as long as MARVEL will have him - I don't think we'll lose his Cap forever either. Maybe MARVEL has a contract for Tony to show up in the next AVENGERS movie, but I think we'll have to wait until the final INFINITY WAR movie to see the entire original Avengers gang back together again.   As for Thor and Hulk, at least one of them is likely to be dead/trapped in the underworld at the end of THOR: RAGNAROK. You can take that to the bank, it's the name of the damn movie.
  15.   See, I can see Tony specifically asking her. MARVEL only had RDJ on contract for one more movie (the last of the INFINITY WAR films, almost certainly) before they backed up a dump truck full of money to get him in CIVIL WAR, and I don't know that they want him in both of the Russo-directed AVENGERS films. And even if he's iin the largely-"original team"-free next AVENGERS film, I think it'd be really interesting for him to actively defer leadership to another military vet because he knows how unstable he is.