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  1. BO Report: Suicide Squad slays with $135 million opening

      But they don't like it.   That's kinda the overriding problem with the DCEU to date. SUICIDE SQUAD set the opening weekend record for August by nearly $40 million, and is still probably going to finish below GUARDIANS. Which - for reference - featured ZERO well-known characters when it released. Even SQUAD's "record" which is cold comfort, given that it barely made more than DEADPOOL's opening weekend even though DP was R-rated, in 2D, and released in freakin' February.   People aren't liking these movies. They're going to see them because they have recognizable characters and ridiculous marketing campaigns, but it's not gaining traction. This is three DCEU movies in a row that have dropped in the mid-high 60's, none of have been better than "divisive" among the people they're directly courting, and none have created the major, 4-quadrant hits that WB/DC needs in order to justify the fact that their slate for the next 5 fucking years is based around a trilogy of Potter-adjacent prequels and. . . this.
  2.   And MOANA at Thanksgiving!
  3. Love this show. Easily my favorite thing to come from Netflix since JESSICA JONES, and a great examination and sly subversion of a lot of 80's character "types."
  4. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS - 10/10   Arguably LAIKA Studios' masterpiece (and they've made some great films to date) with a towering emotional journey and gorgeous animation. Deserves 10x the audience it's got right now.   Full thoughts here.
  5. So, I couldn't find a thread on this already, but here's the RT rating - 96%. 8.3/10 average rating. So, not too bad.   The movie is fucking GREAT. I've been a fan of LAIKA since CORALINE, but while I think they've had a legendary run up until now, I thought THE BOXTROLLS - while good - was a step down from their freshmen and sophomore efforts. But with KUBO, they've really upped their game. A standard hero's journey adventure would have been enough excuse for most studios to rest on their laurels, but this ends up being maybe their best work, and my top animated movie of a year that's had more than a few good ones.   And I wrote a full review here.   So yeah, anyone else catch this?   And if not, WHY THE FUCK HAVEN'T YOU???
  6. I thought it was great - hard to figure how it ranks against THE JUNGLE BOOK and CINDERELLA because it's so unswervingly gentle and human that it's hard to place it against the opulent costume drama or CGI jungle adventure.   But man, Disney is on a freakin' roll.
  7. Hulu Gets on The Marvel Train with "Runaways"

    FINALLY! *head explodes*   ...I kinda love THE RUNAWAYS.
  8. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    SUICIDE SQUAD - 5/10   It might be better than DAWN OF JUSTICE, but I think it might have slightly less to recommend it in some ways.   ...But it's shorter, so...yay?   Full thoughts here.
  9. Suicide Squad RT Watch

    Well, it's fucking bad. Like, maybe as bad as DAWN OF JUSTICE, but...goddammit DC, get your shit together.
  10. Guy Ritchie's King Arthur Trailer...

    Welp, the traditional inability of Hollywood to make a decent King Arthur movie is alive and well, I see.
  11. Kong: Skull Island - official Comic-con trailer

    As someone who liked the 2014 GODZILLA, I'll say this already has a much more interesting hook character-wise. Like, it's leaning into the "KING KONG by way of HEART OF DARKNESS" business that Jackson name-checked in his 2005 film, in a big way. And I'm 200% down with that.
  12. Oh yeah, that's a HARD pass. Looks like I'll be going to JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION for my Conroy/Hammill fix instead.
  13. Justice League: official Comic-Con trailer

    I mean, it looks like an improvement I guess? Having the characters interact, you know, AT ALL is a plus. But the entire enterprise is still kneecapped from the stupid-as-fuck decision to kill off Superman pre-teamup.
  14. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    STAR TREK BEYOND - 8/10   Beats the Abrams films at their own game. A slick use of a familiar premise with a great added thematic weight in the juxtaposition of the two opposing captains, immediate and effective stakes, fantastic character dynamics, and one of the best needle drops in recent memory.   Full thoughts here.   JACK REACHER - 8/10   Mab decided she wanted to watch this literally because she liked the trailer for the sequel that played in front of STAR TREK BEYOND and wanted to be caught up by the time it releases in October. I was perfectly okay with that. Tense thriller/mystery with some fantastic directing by McQuarrie - easy to see why Cruise chose him for ROGUE NATION after this film.
  15. Doctor Strange trailer 2

    I'll take 2.