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  1. So Star Trek is out this week...

      Yeah, you nuts.
  2. Wonder Woman: official Comic-Con trailer

    I'm confused, what are all those bright shades of things that weren't gray or brown? Also, why were there jokes? I WAS TOLD THERE WOULD BE NO JOKES???   Seriously, it looks wicked. Someone decided "Fuck it, just do a MARVEL" and that's literally the best idea the DCEU has had since...ever.
  3. So Star Trek is out this week...

    It's rad as fuck and smarter than the trailers made it look, finally FEELS like a genuine modern riff on TREK. In all the best ways.
  4. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

  5. So Star Trek is out this week...

      Pretty sure that critics - like basically everyone else, including the folks who made BEYOND - have all agreed to pretend INTO DARKNESS just never happened.   I have my Thursday night tickets in hand, and am really hopeful. I dig the 2009 film, but it's been far surpassed by movies like GUARDIANS and THE FORCE AWAKENS since, so I'm looking forward to a film that actually takes advantage of the new waters the reboot made possible.
  6. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL - 8/10   A very funny, very solid, PERFECTLY-cast remake. It's maybe a couple tweaks and a re-inserted scene (looking forward to that extended cut) away from being genuinely great, but as it is, it's a worthy successor and easily the best thing to happen to the franchise since the original cartoon, if not the original movie. Every bit as confident and quality a franchise re-invigoration as Abrams' first TREK movie.   Full thoughts here     STAR TREK (2009) - 7/10   Still fun and a rollicking space adventure with a brilliant cast, but it's dimmed in comparison to films that followed like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and Abrams' on STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.     STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS - 5/10   Not a total disaster, but a waste of a great cast, a great villain, and a lot of potential that the first film gave the franchise for new territory...that this film immediately pissed away by being even more slavishly devoted to fan service without understanding WHAT is being serviced than Abrams' first film.     BATMAN: THE MOVIE - 8/10   Shark. Repellent. Bat Spray.
  7. Finding Dory tomatometer watch

    Loved the film. One of my favorite Pixar sequels, and if not for INSIDE OUT, easily their best film post-2010. As a teacher who's worked with a lot of kids with disabilities/exceptionalities, this movie hit REAL close to home.
  8. BO Report: Dory drowns Independence Day, Warcraft is screwed

    Yikes, RESURGENCE opens with nearly $10 million less than ID4 from twenty years ago? Damn. Looks like they won't be making that sequel ID:R plugs at the end.   Jesus, who would have ever thought Fox would peak in February this year with fucking DEADPOOL?
  9. It's bad. Not offensively bad or maddeningly bad like BvS, but it has a kinda useless new cast, a bunch of old faces that are there just to remind you that they were in the previous movie (or die, or both) while having nothing to actually do on a character level, and a giant gaping hole where Will Smith used to be. I like the ideas and tech and some of the new wrinkles they added, but the film is so chopped to hell that it never manages to DO anything with all of that as it rushes to recycle another part of the original INDEPENDENCE DAY.   And the shameless sequel hook at the end? Fuck off that.
  10. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE - 4/10   A weak sequel that feels more like a retread of the first film without understanding why the first one worked. Kinda like JURASSIC WORLD in that way, except here you can really feel that what was originally a 140ish minute movie got chopped to hell down to a bare two hours because something wasn't working. Makes the original look like an ACTUAL classic instead of a goofy 90's "classic."   Full thoughts here.
  11. Shane Black directing Johnson in a pulp adventure yarn is about the best present a boy could ask for, AND IT AIN'T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY!
  12. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Went back for seconds on THE NICE GUYS and it's even better the second time around. Full thoughts here
  13. Beauty and the Beast trailer

      Honestly, no - there's not. The original is as close to perfect as the "Modern Disney Musical" has yet come, and part of what made THE JUNGLE BOOK and CINDERELLA (remake editions) so effective is that they were taking whacks at films which had previously been turned into films that - while remembered - weren't exactly great themselves. B&tB is great already.   However, I'm totally down for a big-budget live-action musical version, because live-action big-budget musicals aren't exactly things you see often these days.
  14. THE NICE GUYS is fucking great

    Haven't seen any discussion of this film - what gives? It's a great buddy comedy in the vein of Shane Black's greats with a hilarious script and a breakout Abbot/Costello routine from the leads. As a fan of KISS KISS BANG BANG, I was already in the bag for anything Black directed, but I fucking LOVE this movie.   Check it out, it's well worth your time.
  15. Star Trek Beyond - Trailer 2

    I dig the trailer - it's a bit frenetic, but it's obviously lower-stakes than the last couple films (fate of one crew rather than all of earth/intergalactic war, and so on) and the "we're stuck on an alien planet and have to think/punch our way off" is absolutely original-series TREK schtick. Amping that up with some bigger action seems like a solid fit for a films series, and there are already hints of plenty of smaller moments (love Kirk and Bones sharing and drink, and it feels like Bones and Spock interact more in the trailer than in all of INTO DARKNESS).   I'm not wild about the Enterprise getting destroyed, but to be fair, it hasn't actually happened in a few films (only damaged seriously), so whatever. And as others have said, Lin is a damn good director of genre ensemble films, and his track record ain't any worse than Abrams'. Then there's the fact that Simon Pegg has co-written three of the smartest genre films of the century in the CORNETTO TRILOGY.