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  1. As someone who's a pretty fierce Browncoat from back in the day (bought the series on multiple formats, saw SERENITY 5 times in theaters), I say the show's time has passed. I mean, I'd maybe be down for a "Next Gen" type thing later down the road, or maybe a "decades later" catching up ala the good OG TREK films, but SERENITY was a hell of an ending for that ship and that crew.
  2. Yeah, "live-action remake" is a misnomer, but I'm down for it regardless. And you should check out THE JUNGLE BOOK. It's streaming on Netflix and is well worth 100 minutes of your time.
  3. See, I genuinely believe that Mangold put his shoulder to the wheel with THE WOLVERINE. While that film isn't quite great (especially in the final act), there's a lot of real narrative understanding and genuine stakes and care for the character on display. Bears a lot of hallmarks of over-committee development from the studio, but at least the director and star were genuinely trying with that one. I think what we're seeing with LOGAN is less an example of people only just now exerting effort than said effort getting respected by the studio even though it seems like a more risky route.
  4. Yes, especially because compelling characters having cool arcs and awesome moments that don't have anything to do with the Force is something that I can always stand to see more of in STAR WARS. You guys...we're less than 10 months away from a new STAR WARS movie from Rian Goddamn Johnson. HOW COOL IS THAT???
  5. Well, he wasn't wrong there.
  6. THE LION KING is okay. Mostly a mess, and Simba's kinda a shit character. GONE WITH THE WIND is boilerplate melodrama that gets inflated importance because it plays into the bullshit romanticism of the "lost South." AVATAR did "Dances With Wolves" better than the actual DANCES WITH WOLVES. DIE HARD 4 is an awesome action movie. ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES is bad, no matter how valiantly Alan Rickman tries to salvage it. AGE OF ULTRON is a better film than THE AVENGERS in a lot of ways, and THE AVENGERS is fucking good. FRIGHT NIGHT 2011 is better than the original FRIGHT NIGHT. IRON MAN THREE is one of the best MCU movies, and the Mandarin twist was brilliant. RETURN OF THE JEDI is really good and the ewoks earn their fuckin' keep. TG,tB&tU is damn fine, but ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST is Sergio Leone's best western. KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL gets too much hate. SPIDER-MAN 3 is not bad - in fact, it's just fine. That's right. Fite me.
  7. I've only seen the first DESPICABLE ME movie (none of the sequels or MINIONS), missed all the MADAGASCAR films, haven't seen JFK, TRANS4MERS, or a shit-load of popular sports films (FIELD OF DREAMS, RUDY, etc.) or big golden-age Hollywood misses like CLEOPATRA.
  8. As someone who's fairly lukewarm on the original animated film, I'm very gung-ho to see what happens with this. Big fan of what Johnny Favs did with THE JUNGLE BOOK.
  9. Garland's directorial debut is gonna go down in film buff history as the start of something really special.
  10. He's also expressed active distaste for the genre in the past, so maybe he's not the best dude to help course-correct a film universe desperately in need of people who actually give a shit about the characters they're putting on screen?
  11. Loved it. I was genuinely bummed to see some of the "Wick-Level" Hitmen bite it because I was so enjoying their characters and how they challenged the protagonist. Can't wait to see the third film. Full thoughts here.
  12. The exponential improvements between the WOLVERINE films has been real interesting to watch. Turning Mangold loose and letting the dude who made the (fantastic) 3:10 TO YUMA just make a full-bore western that happened to star Wolverine was apparently a very good call. Oh, and take this to the bank - this is gonna be the biggest "dad movie" of the year. Like, all the guys that show up for Fuqua joints like THE EQUALIZER but never go see a costume movie? They're alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll gonna fuckin' see this.
  13. Sounding more and more like "director-driven" was a load of shit from the beginning. I'm shocked. This is my shocked face. But man, I'm...starting to feel kinda sorry for Affleck. Like, dude was on a meteoric upswing in his career after clawing his way back from some really crappy projects, signs up for BvS to MASSIVE backlash, ends up being one of the better parts of a terrible film, and now...is stuck in this suit for like 10 years with no light in sight at the end of the tunnel.
  14. THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE - 8/10 Not as good as THE LEGO MOVIE for sure, but it's very definitely a good example of "Here, lemme use small words and pictures to show you morons how to do STORY and CHARACTERS well." And it has some great jokes. As a fan of the 60's show, I was very happy. JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 - 10/10 Awesome. Literally, original definition of the word. I am...in awe of what this series is accomplishing with budgets 1/4 of the LOW end of modern blockbusters. Chad Stahelski is doing John Woo's own good work, and if you know my feelings on HARD BOILED and FACE/OFF, you know that's a big fucking deal. Full thoughts here.
  15. Topic is false, next topic.