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Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York helpfully reminds us that he's still kind of a moron

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After Talking "All Day Long" To Rich New Yorkers In The Hamptons, Cuomo Says He Can't Raise Their Taxes


Governor Andrew Cuomo still refuses to support taxes on the ultra-wealthy, because rich people already have one foot out of New York City, and he fears they'll leave for good if their taxes go up.


"I literally talk to people all day long who are in their Hamptons house who also lived here, or in their Hudson Valley house or in their Connecticut weekend house, and I say, 'You gotta come back, when are you coming back?'" Cuomo said during a press conference on Monday, when asked if he'd support a slate of tax hike proposals on the wealthy.


How the hell does a politician actually say that out loud?!?

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2 minutes ago, Jason said:

"The only people I hear from when making important policy decisions are my rich buddies" sure is one hell of a message, Andrew.

It’s not what he meant, but it’s the truth. They don’t hear normies.

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3 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

It’s not what he meant, but it’s the truth. They don’t hear normies.

It all comes back to campaign finance. The DCCC/Schumer/Pelosi/et al don't give too much a fuck about your politics or how good a candidate you are for your state/district, but singularly focused on how well you can raise cash(read: call rich people and kiss their ass for 6+ hours/day), and in addition will actively work against you (withholding staff/firms) during primaries if you aren't their chosen one, a chicken and egg type thing. It's a big reason why Amy McGrath is the nominee for KYSEN against Mitch!

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4 hours ago, Emperor Diocletian II said:

Hey @MarSolo - you're an Italian.


Is this the result of Mario throwing a shoe at his head and connecting a few too many times or something?

No shoe throwing, but let’s just say he definitely took shots to the head, probably got concussed, and Mario told him “Eh, you’re fine, walk it off, don’t tell yer muddah.”


If anyone threw anything, it was the grandmother and the wooden spoon.

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