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anyone know often do the game deals switch up on eshop?  Seems to me I see new stuff every other day. Also is there a way or a site, that lists the newest deals added? I know you can search by cost or genre, even by pub date, but I'd love to know what new deals started without having to look through everything listed. 

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The game deals are up to the publishers, so they aren't really scheduling anything. Nintendo will hold their sales like the recent summer sales and that will often get other publishers on board, but that's about the extent of it.


I do a lot of my shopping on Nintendo's website. I find it easier to find games there over the eshop on the Switch, itself.

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57 minutes ago, EternallDarkness said:

I've gone crazy stupid on the eshop in the last month or two. Seriously I switched to a 256 gb memcard not too long ago, back when my 128 card stil had like 35-45 gb left...and as of today my 256 now only has 20 gb free :lol: I need to stop buying and play through some of these purchases


You bought it, you can download it any time you want.

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