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Modding for Witcher 3


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I've started playing through Witcher 3 on PC (1440p, Ultra ~70fps).  And while it looks good, it is a significant step down graphically from other open world games I have played recently (i.e. AC:Odyssey, RDR2).  I've noticed lots of low resolution textures, geometry pop-in and clipping-galore.

Saw this video pop up in my youtube feed:


I have never really been a game modder.  Does anyone have any experience with modding Witcher 3?  Any suggestions on graphics-focused mods and comments on stability/things to watch out for?

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2 hours ago, Emperor Diocletian II said:

The mod that removes inventory encumbrance is an absolute must!

There are other other mods that make the game playable. I don't know what the fuck CD Project Red was thinking releasing the game with limited bag space and then do a half ass update that included a bank as if it were an MMO or Resident Evil 4.


Anyways the Fast Travel Mod is another one that needs to put in. Basically the only way you can fast travel to a discovered marker is to run to an older nearby marker and THEN fast travel to the one you want. This mod lets you fast travel from anywhere on the map so you dont have to trek to a marker. 



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How about flintlock pistols for Geralt?


There are ten flintlock-style pistols altogether, with seven different types of ammunition. The craftable ammo comes in three different tiers and your choice becomes more important the higher the difficulty you're on. The guns come in various sizes and tie into the 'Schools' of monster hunting, like Bear and Griffin, but you'll likely find larger weapons in the late game. You can get your first firearm by crafting one with a dueling pistol diagram you can get from level ten—more become available every few levels after. Or you can just spawn them using console commands.


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