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PS Plus June 2020 -- Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II


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I guess they're trying to make up for how much shit they took from last month's games :lol:


I was never a huge fan of WWII COD games. My first real obsession with the series, much like a lot of people I suppose, was CoD4 MW. I do remember that CoD2 was one of, if not the only one besides Kameo, 360 launch titles that just popped visually as a next gen title at the time. So I am happy to give this new one a shot.


I have been tempted many times to try out Battlefront over the years, but not a huge Star Wars fan so I held off. I've heard the multiplayer is a blast, so I'll give that a shot, too.


This is a nice month for me. Two good examples of a game I probably wouldn't outright buy, but might enjoy as giveaways.

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