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Hong Kong: Pompeo declares that the region is "no longer autonomous" from China

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PLA commander says 10,000 troops are prepared to ‘safeguard’ city’s sovereignty as Beijing warns against ‘underestimating’ China


China’s military is ready and able to “safeguard” Chinese sovereignty in Hong Kong, the commander of the city-based garrison has said, amid growing anger at Beijing’s plans to bypass Hong Kong’s legislature and impose national security laws in the city.


The warning came as protesters prepared for further demonstrations on Wednesday when the legislature starts debate on a controversial bill to criminalise ridicule of the Chinese national anthem.


In an interview with Chinese state television, Chen Daoxiang, the commander of the People’s Liberation Army garrison in Hong Kong, said it has the “determination, confidence and ability to protect national security” in the city.


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 Pompeo declares that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, threatening special status



Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reported to Congress on Wednesday that Hong Kong was no longer autonomous from China, a move that could jeopardize the special administrative region’s favorable trade relationship with the U.S. and open up Chinese officials to sanctions. 


The State Department was required to issue a determination on Hong Kong’s autonomy under pro-democracy legislation passed late last year. The law also requires the president to impose sanctions on foreigners who undermine “fundamental freedoms and autonomy in Hong Kong.”



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1 minute ago, Chris- said:

Do the economic benefits of an autonomous HK really matter to the Chinese at this point? 

Kind of - they at least provided the fig-leaf of perception that Beijing at least was pretending to respect Hong Kong's special status which was "guaranteed" under treaty.


Now that the illusion has been shredded, Beijing should be wary of the broader economic consequences for mainland Chinese interests.

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