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People keep breaking the Canonball Run record during lockdown

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It's been beat 7 times in the last 5 weeks. The new record is now less than 26 hours to travel across the US, meaning the average speed of travel is around 173 km/h for the 4507 km trip (108 mi/h for the 2800 mi trip), which includes the time spent refuelling.



Accommodating for fuel stops, the team’s peak and cruising speeds are probably far in excess of that figure.


Bolian states that the new record holders averaged 193km/h when crossing “several” States. It is unknown what car the new record holders used.


What is known is that they were well prepared, with over 30 spotters littered across the country, along with a heavily modified vehicle.



To set a Cannonball Run record, you must traditionally start at the Red Ball Garage in Manhattan, then traverse the entire United States of America as fast as possible to finish at the Portofini Inn in Redondo Beach, California.


Modern technology, and ultra-prepared teams, have resulted in the record falling to unthinkable levels in recent years, with teams maintaining crazy speeds on public roads to secure their place in motoring infamy.


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I don't know how get away with driving 100+ mph for that long these days which would have to put you in reckless driving territory just about everywhere. But if you can afford access to a vehicle like that the fine probably isn't a problem for you, and the 20 minutes getting the ticket is probably the bigger annoyance to your record run. Though you would think if you got driving 150 mph you would get arrested, but if you're white in a nice vehicle I guess no one cares. 

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