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Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, KojiPro, Epic, Unity, EA, Kowloon Nights cancel GDC appearances citing COVID-19 concerns


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GDC in San Francisco was expected to draw tens of thousands of game developers from around the world, including Asia. Last year’s attendance was 29,000. But since the spread of the disease, and as governments implement travel restrictions, several companies are now erring on the side of caution and have opted not to attend the annual convention.


If you're wondering about Kowloon Nights:



Though not a household name yet, the small Asian investment fund powers small studios with ambitious projects and powerful talent behind them. Their investments include the next game by legendary director Fumito Ueda, creator of Shadow of the Colossus, as well as one of the first PlayStation 5 games announced, Godfall.






This follows cancelled appearances at PAX East from several developers.

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Our big theater owner convention, Cinemacon, is in Vegas at the end of March. They just sent out a “please don’t cancel on us!” email. All the Chinese companies have pulled out due to travel restrictions, but they make up a small percentage of the attendees both as theatrical exhibitors and vendors. What would really start the ball rolling towards cancellation is if Regal or Cinemark pulled out as they both send there entire senior manager staff from each location and the idea of exposing all of them simultaneously to something like this and taking it back to their various sites could be enough for one or both to cancel.


I expect a lot of international conferences and conventions are going to end up cancelled as Covid fears grow.

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