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Boris Johnson, surely ending the matter, refuses Scotland an independence referendum

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25 minutes ago, SaysWho? said:

wow another riley thread with a misleading title :| 



The UK government has formally rejected a call from Scotland's first minister for a second independence referendum.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a referendum would "continue the political stagnation Scotland has seen for the past decade".



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For as much as the pro-Brexit folks like to trumpet the idea of doing the will of the people, they sure to seem afraid of additional votes, even after winning a landslide victory.


From that article it sounds like this kind of refusal is effectively the last word, at least for a long while. I wouldn't be surprised if the short term answer ends up being some kind of informal preliminary vote, but either way I suspect that Scotland's Independence will depend largely on how Brexit goes. If it really is a disaster, and everyone hates the new limits in visiting/dealing with the EU, the NHS falters, the economy tanks, etc. then the long term impact on Scotland seems assured. If it's more akin to the Trump presidency, with a series of blunders and unpopular policies, but not economically disastrous, then I think Scotland won't push the issue too hard or tip too much more in favor of Independence. 

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