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Massive Layoffs at Fantasy Flight Games


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Fantasy Flight Games to close RPG department


Tim Gerritsen, the Studio Head at FFI, confirmed the closure of the digital division in a LinkedIn post.


Gamasutra has sources that confirm the news, adding that the customer service department is included in the restructuring.

Fantasy Flight Games publish the best-selling Star Wars RPG, the Legend of the Five Rings, Genesys, The End of the World Roleplaying Game, Dragonstar, Fireborn, Grimm and Midnight.

Only yesterday, a KeyForge RPG was announced, as an extension to FFG’s universal Genesys system.

Fantasy Flight Games are yet to comment on the situation or confirm the RPG news.

The closure of the RPG department does not mean that the Star Wars, Genesys and Legend of the Five Rings RPGs are going away. Additional books can be created by freelancers and contractors.


This may be tangential, but as an X-Wing player, I have noticed that many of the supposed 4Q FFG X-Wing products were almost impossible to get (Huge Ship Conversion Kit, Epic rules), cancelled (Imperial Raider) or delayed (Vonreg, Hotshots and Aces, etc.).  I wonder how much financial distress they are actually in.



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This seemed inevitable to some extent, given how aggressively ANA has expanded in recent years. Closing down FFI makes sense, in that I think since they’ve been announced the only thing they’ve done is their LotR game. The app content in Mansions and Imperial Assault isn’t done by them, and those games have been very successful.


The RPG bit is a tad confusing, in that I was under the impression that the Star Wars RPG was very popular and they just announced a KeyForge sourcebook for Genesys. I know the margins on books are thinner than games but I’d assumed that the card content / dice expansions would sweeten that pot. Who knows.


I feel bad for everyone who lost their job. Between Christian Petersen and a lot of other creative folks leaving over the last few years, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. :/ 

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22 minutes ago, Zaku3 said:

Is X-Wing still popular? I want to get some Legion minis since I love the Clone Wars era.

Not as much as it was.

The community near me seems to be much smaller since 2.0 launched.  However, my son loves the game, so we play against each other quite a bit (and love collecting the ships).

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