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Thundercats Roar

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54 minutes ago, Hurdyb1 said:

I think you posted this in the wrong place but Damm.....


I seriously thought this was a joke a a few weeks ago when I first heard about it. This is horrible and disrespectful to the original show and even the 2nd version of Thundercats. 

I accidentally did but nobody was on to help move it. I agree with you completely!

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I had to stop watching when that dude said he grew up with the original and how much he loved it. The OG show is dated & kinda cheesy now, but it was definitely reaching for a higher sandard when it aired...I have a hard time believing a big fan of it would come up with a Teen Titans Go-esque version of things. 

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"The world lends itself to comedy"


I can't figure out who the audience is supposed to be for this. It's obviously not adults or original fans, but it's also so different from what we grew up on why would we share it with our kids? I'm perplexed at the thinking here.


When they brought back Voltron they played it straight and it's working. Parents can enjoy an old favorite updated with modern sensibilities to pass on.


I'm not upset the show isn't made for me, I just can't figure out who its for.

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