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Manhattan businessman in college admissions scandal: I did something wrong, but there were "no victims"

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Abbott, 68, and his wife, Marcia, 59, pleaded guilty in federal court in May to shelling out $125,000 to now-notorious college fixer Rick Singer in 2018 to try to get their daughter into Marcia’s alma mater, Duke University.



“Why are these people out for blood?” Manhattan businessman Greg Abbott asked of critics of himself and the slew of other deep-pocketed parents who shelled out thousands of dollars in bribes to try to get their already privileged kids into top universities.


“There are no victims,’’ he insisted of the crime, which involves charges including fraud.



Abbott, a Princeton University alum who runs the food and drink distribution behemoth International Dispensing Corp., said he was tricked into the bribery scheme by a “very manipulative’’ Singer.


“If someone has a reputation of being an expert, it’s our nature to trust [them],’’ the businessman told The Post by phone.


He said it never occurred to him that what he was doing could be criminal.


Asked if he felt bad about his behavior, the businessman dad replied, “Of course I regret it. It was wrong. I’m not justifying it. I’m not excusing myself.


“But I do think it’s understandable in some respect.”



“Throwing us in jail for a month is going to change things for minorities?” Abbott asked, referring to assertions that the scheme kept more worthy students from getting into top schools, including those from less privileged backgrounds.


“Who benefits?’’ he said. “Is the United States of America benefiting from the shock and awe of arresting 33 parents who did something wrong?”



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