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Guilty Gear Strive - (Release: 06/11/21) PS4, PS5, Xbox and Steam - With Crossplay and Now on Game Pass! A.B.A Announcement | 3v3 Mode in the Future


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  • Keyser_Soze changed the title to Guilty Gear Strive - (Release: 04/09/21) PS4, PS5 and Steam
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I probably won't be playing the beta, I mean, maybe I'll try it out. They do say you don't need PS Plus to participate which is a PLUS (see what I did there)

I'm thinking of playing Giovanna or maybe Valentine - Both seemingly play completely different of course so I'm going to have to see how I like how they play. :p

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The game doesn't do much in the way of showing you how to play the game, or what "dust" is, etc. There is a tutorial that basically says nothing and there's a training mode with a command list, which really shows you command normals and specials. Not much in the way of giving you combo info, you'll have to hunt that down.


I think this guy does a good job of teaching the absolute basics of the game.



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They released a GGS watch



SEIKOコラボウォッチ “GUILTY GEAR”ソル=バッドガイモデル(特典付き)【受注生産】,エビテンの商品




Also they showed a trailer for I-No (No trailer yet) but she looks amazing and actually one of the characters I was missing!

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My 2 cents

The game seems to be very unga bunga but that may change once the game releases. Too many characters have massive reach, jump ins have no punishment due to double jump and air blocks and because of that the neutral game feels nonexistent . 
Characters I really wanted to play I found to be underwhelming and characters I thought I would have avoided turned out to be fun.

I can see characters like Nago, Potemkin, and Ram getting nerfed.

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4 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Ram is crazy but I feel like Axl and Zato were pretty powerful.

Nago he does a lot of damage but also kills himself. :p

Nago can control like 3/4 of the screen and do wicked damage. Axel and Zato are strong but I feel like they take more skill to do well. Potemkin CG can 3 shot and has a super easy 2 hit to air throw that does ridiculous dps.

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