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  1. Not sure if this is legit, but I'll share this.. Edit: I'll wait and see if bigger media breaks it, article is iffy.
  2. - Review is Spoiler free - I was typing out a more thorough assessment about this game, then Max uploaded a vid essentially summarizing my thoughts, and even echoing much of what I said about this franchise years ago in those DmC vs DMC threads. I've played a lot of fighters over the years, but slowed down greatly on my frequency of play - I simply just don't have the time to dedicate myself to be really good anymore, and I won't half ass fighters. I'd rather not buy a fighter knowing that. However, DMC fills that "void" because mechanically it is one of the few action games that you can dive in, like fighters, and get that satisfaction. DMC 3 was the first time when that "clicked" with lots in the community and you thought "Oooh, this is something different.." And it was. DMC is about mechanics; the game can be played in a variety of ways, and if you choose to laze your way through it, you'll be awarded as such. And like a fighter, if you choose to "get gud", and not play at face value - you'll get a lot out of it. DMC encourages you to tinker, it wants you to "style", and it gives you enough tools to do it your own way. Also, one of the things I appreciate most, and it's greatly made apparent in this franchise is - when you think you're really good, and you figured out a nice combo/chain, or whatever... you'll come across a True Style compilation of one of the vets and get humbled, similar to playing a top rank player online. And that's the experience I like, knowing that "there's a lot more to this thing." Edit: With that said, I go back to the film board.
  3. After 11 years of waiting. It was worth it. DmC was a good snack, but Capcom better not pull a "surprise" like that again.
  4. I'll admit, the "heat" this movie was generating had an affect (although very little) on my theater experience, but once the movie started I was engaged. After the movie ended, I listened to what the audience thought, and it played very well with my crowd. Also, with the box office numbers coming in, and the Cinemascore sitting at an "A"; it goes to show how the internet is often a hypermarket for exaggeration. And that's regardless of your opinion of this movie, or any type of content/media.
  5. Kong isn't in this film, and WB has a Godzilla vs Kong movie planned. I don't see how Kong is supposed to compete on this scale, even with him growing over the years. If anything, I'd think his big scary ass was hiding while Godzilla saves the world.
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