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Anyone got a decent CPU/Mobo they wanna make a quick buck on?

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I'm still using an ~8 year old build for the most part, my first PC built ever. (My first thread here and joining here was to ask for advice on this build, actually. Ahh da memories. :daydream:).

Started as an AMD Phenom II X4 955, Radeon 6850, 8GB RAM, & 430W Corsair PSU.

I upgraded to a 750W PSU & GTX 760 a couple years ago.

Got some spare cash right now and figured I'd upgrade my CPU/Mobo finally. Not picky about AMD/Intel. Depending on how much I spend on those I might be in the market for a new GPU as well. 

Budget is about ~$600 for CPU/Mobo. DDR4 compatible would be neat to future proof a bit.

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2 minutes ago, mikechorney said:

If you're looking to spend $600, I think you should be looking at a new one....

Already doing so. But nothing wrong with seeing what people have lying around since people upgrade a lot more than I do. And I'm all about taking used PC parts at a discount.

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1 hour ago, cusideabelincoln said:


I've been looking at different articles the last hour. Honestly I don't know if its really worth it, much. Do you think the release will affect the price of the 2700 series right away or much? One could always justify waiting will save me money or get me something slightly better... But for example in that article when they compared the gaming on the Ryzen 7 2700X to the Ryzen 7 3800X, it was 21% faster in Overwatch(with a max of 34% on CS:GO, but thats probably at 300FPS at that point), but is going to cost me ~%40 more. Think I'd be better off just paying $280 for the 2700X if I was looking at a price to value ratio, no? The 3600X is priced at $250, but from what I've read when it comes to streaming and multitasking in general, having the 8 cores is going to be better since most modern games will use up to 6 alone.



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Prices on the Ryzen 2600, 2600x, 2700, and all 1000's (1800, 1600, etc) have went down the last few months as retailers are trying to clear old stock.  The 2700x hasn't seen as many or as big of a discount as the other processors, but I'm sure there will be a clearance event eventually.  The processor has been bundled with other items, like a motherboard and SSD for an insanely good price though.  I would expect to see the processor alone drop below $250 in the near future.


Games haven't fully tapped an 8 core processor.  Intel's 6 core i7 8700k is still one of the best gaming processors.  It'll be another 2 years before 8 cores significantly pull ahead of 6 cores.  Now comparing the AMD processors against themselves (the 3600x vs the 2700x), don't forget that each of the six cores in the 3600x is faster than a core in the 2700x.  Several sources have stated that a single Ryzen 3000 core will be 13-15% faster than a single Ryzen 2000 core - at the same clock speed.  What also remains to be seen is how much AMD has increased the speed of their Infinity fabric.  This fabric is what connects the cores together, so if a thread has to jump from one core to another there is a delay in how fast it is executed.  Everyone is assuming Ryzen 3000 has decreased this delay, which will further solidify its performance, but I don't think AMD has officially announced that.  And on top of that, Ryzen 2000's maximum clockspeed 4.2, or 4.3 Ghz if you are really lucky.  But it's now confirmed that Ryzen 3000 can easily clock up to 4.5 Ghz, and it is rumored that really good chips can come close to 5 GHz.


In my personal opinion, since you will mainly be gaming, I think the 3600x would be a better value than an equally or slightly higher priced 2700x.  If the 2700x is close to the $200 range, then maybe it will be a good value.  However, the normal 3600 is that price.  And since you want to dabble in overclocking, the 3600 will be the best value as it will most likely be able to clock as high as a 3600x would.  Now if you want 8 cores, the 3700x is pretty well priced.  You should be able to get the 3700x, a good motherboard, and decent RAM under your $600 budget. 


Really the big unknown right now is just how much more expensive the new motherboards will cost.  The new boards are more difficult to manufacture because Ryzen 3000 can support PCIe 4.0 - which is twice as fast as the current PCIe 3.0. But if you don't plan to utilize PCIe 4.0, which offers the biggest gains to NVME SSD drives, then getting a current gen motherboard will be a much better value.


Another unknown is just how big demand is and if AMD can match the supply.  If chips are selling out left and right, retailers are probably going to mark up the price.  This would be a huge bummer, and could put you over budget OR make you wait even longer for prices to return to normal.




So it's not an easy decision.  Over the last few months I almost bit the bullet and got a Ryzen 2600x or 2700x, with the plan to swap it out when Ryzen 3000 releases.  But I've held off and I personally think I made the right choice for me.  As long as Ryzen 3000 delivers on what they've showed, I will be buying one along with a new motherboard.  I've already got a new PSU and NVME drive sitting on the shelf ready to be unleashed LOL.

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1 hour ago, Blkm0nk3y92 said:


Yeah I figured you'd come up with a compelling argument... I guess I'll hunker down and wait. I should be able to spend more come release as well and get a nice motherboard and a new 144hz monitor. In other news, I have a GTX 760 I can give to someone, since I have Sporks 980ti on the way, my 760 will need a home.


You could just get this (use code EMCTAWT22 to bring it down to $285)



I don’t know how much better Ryzen 3xxx will be, though (if at all really)

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