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Weird monitor issue I can't seem to Google.


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This isn't quite "check out this tech," but it kind of is!

So my monitor is looping the very bottom line of pixels on the top of the screen.


Here, take a look. I apologize for the image quality, but since it's only one line of pixels it's a little tricky to set it up to be easily visible without a video, plus a close-up of a light source in a pitch black room, etc., and I'm too lazy for that in any case.


Bottom of screen:




The text is cut off on purpose. As I said, it's only one line, so I wouldn't notice at all if it was just a missing line.


Top of screen:




All those gray dots along the top are the bits of text that were cut off from the bottom. Now, on a static image, this is barely noticeable, but on a moving picture, especially if the top and bottom are contrasting colors, this creates a bit of that old console overscan effect where when you see the full image there's a bunch of crap appearing on one side of the screen, but not quite as extreme.


I have ruled out pretty much everything but the monitor itself at this point, as I play my PS4 on this thing as well, as you can see, so it's not my GPU or Windows, it's not the cable or port because it's two different cables and ports, that leaves just the monitor. The monitor has no setting for this like older ones, so I'm unsure of how to solve it. I could technically RMA it, but the idea of doing that and getting some piece of shit with dead pixels ("Dell considers a monitor with up to six dead pixels acceptable," bitch who cares what Dell finds acceptable? It's MY monitor motherfucker!) just makes me want to put a ghetto piece of black tape across the top, which would effectively eliminate the issue, but I'd rather have a real solution.


On Windows I can just resize my desktop and lose like a tiny tiny fraction of an inch on all sides and it eliminates the issue with me not even noticing after a minute, and I guess that might be possible on PS4 since every game asks you to size up your screen, but again, I'd like to try a real solution if anyone's familiar with this. It's a son of a bitch to Google since I don't know a proper name for it and get all kinds of vaguely similar but ultimately unrelated shit.


And yes, I've tried giving the monitor a good thwack. It made me feel better, but didn't solve the issue.

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53 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?


I've had my fair share of really weird display issues and a lot of them have boiled down to the fact that apparently DVI/HDMI are not, in fact, on-or-off connections...you can in fact get weird artificating issues on digital connections, especially is something just isn't seated QUITE properly.

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