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John Bogle, father of the ETF, dead at 89

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Vanguard and ETFs marked a historic development in finance, ushering in the ‘passive investing’ (or ‘index investing’) phenomenon, which made it easier for ordinary people to benefit from the gyrations of the stock market AND manage risk in a way that didn’t leave them open to losing everything in a crash, without putting their money  in the hands of stock brokers and money managers that might not have their best interests in mind.  In a time of massive inequality, this was a notable instance of a shift of power away from the traditional ‘ruling class’, at least in the context of financial markets.


The ‘boglehead’ method of investing is about as close to a ‘blue collar’ or ‘everyman’ way of approaching finance as there is, and the democratization of finance is something we should all appreciate and be cheering for. (minus the fascists in our midst)

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Let's share our index and ETF porfolios in his honor:


- iShares DGRO Core Dividend Growth

- iShares DVY Select Dividend

- iShares HDV Core High Dividend

- iShares IJH Core S&P Mid-Cap

- iShares IJK S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth

- iShares ITOT S&P Total US Stock Market

- iShares IVE S&P 500 Value

- iShares OEF S&P 100

- iShares PFF S&P Preferred 

- Fidelity FCOM Communication Services

- Fidelity FDLO Low Volatility

- Fidelity FSTA Consumer Staples

- Fidelity FTEC Information Technology

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24 minutes ago, CayceG said:

I only have these:


Personal Investment:

VFIAX Vanguard 500 Index Fund Admiral Shares


Work Retirement Investment:

VTRLX Vanguard Institutional Target Retirement 2050 Fund


I actually forgot I'm tied up in some Vanguard and TIAA-CREF funds through my 403b, but I'm far to lazy to look those up.

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