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Who has older video cards to sell or part with?

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Throwing together some PCs with older, spare parts but I'm not satisfied with the graphics I currently have.  What do you have that you don't need anymore?  Something low-midrange by current standards is all I'm looking for.  2GB or more VRAM would be nice for some project, and low-ish power consumption would be nice for another.

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4 hours ago, Brick said:

Well seeing as how I just upgraded, I have quite a few spare parts!


There's that mobo I mentioned in your other thread

I have a 2 GB GTX 670

An AIO liquid cooler

16GB of RAM (4 sticks)

and an i7 3770K


I might also be interested in that liquid cooler.  Fry's had one for $20 but then they wanted to charge $10 shipping plus I would have needed to wait on a mail in rebate, so I had to pass.  Right now I'm running Prime95 on a stock cooler so I want to see what the final results will be before I decide if I need to swap it out, on the cheap.

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