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Happy Very Belated 8th Birthday, D1P!


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24 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Says it right beneath your name boyyeee!


And yes, I remember Seth herding us all over like it was was yesterday. :daydream:


Keyser, for most of us it was like the Colts leaving Baltimore in the middle of the night the way we left IGN.  Yes, let's give proper credit where credit is due...Setharion did the heavy lifting on letting most of us know and getting us over here...The Dude truly does abide. 


A lot of those early guys are gone, but not forgotten.


I remember early on when one of the guys that started this Board contacted me via PM asking me to change my username as he wanted to use it and he couldn't because I had it (things were different then on how we logged in, I believe).  Whatever, he started the place so I was fine with it.


...about half a year later I found out he got in a fight with some of the other originators here and left the Board...about 6 days after he asked me to change my user name.


Chalk up a win for the internet.

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