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Glassdoor decides to commit suicide and starts adding real names to anonymous reviews without consent

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Honestly, Glassdoor has kind of always sucked IMO. I always felt it couldn't be trusted.  Since it was anonymous there was no way to verify anything actually being said.


The only way to properly run a website like Glassdoor would be to use a crap ton of manual verifications and approvals.

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I had some negative reviews of some fairly big companies, one of which got especially grouchy.  Looking at you CareSource, you forgot I had an interview and a week later sent a rando to talk to me before ghosting, not leaving a positive interview review.  Anyhow I submitted a request to remove my data, forcing real name and then looking for real name means I don't trust them.  Charitably speaking even if they're trustworthy now they're one PE acquisition away from being completely untrustworthy.

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I once wrote a review of a real negative experience with an employer. (Lots of liberal white people telling minorities how to be minorities.) A few weeks later Glassdoor asked me to review my review because the feedback was harsh and the anonymity didn't protect me from a lawsuit. I suspect they share/sell data with big companies. 

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