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Best anime fights of all time.

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19 minutes ago, CastletonSnob said:

Takamura vs. Bryan Hawk in Hajime no Ippo.

See, for me, actual fights aren't that impressive/I'm not wow'd by the intense battling. It's the epic moments that make a fight for me. That's why, for me, Ippo doing the Dempsey Roll was the highlight of the series.


The sound effects are top-tier. I was pogging out of my gourd.

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Quite a few on my list... let's go old school first


Ryu vs Fei Long Stretfighter 2




Seeing these characters come to life like this back in the day was beyond Awesome. I bootlegged this and had it on VHS at least a YEAR before the official release and English translation. So many great fights in this movie to choose from but this was one of my favs. As was THIS one.



The English dub of this scene SUCKS SO bad. the music and sound design in the Japanese version is FAR superior.

Moving on to more recent anime... 



This manga has so many amazing fights it's crazy to see them animated and they do a DAMN good job bringing them to life. The one and a half seasons of this show is chock FULL of amazing fights but this one and the next one are highlights





These are just a couple off the top of my head... I'm kinda a fight scene afficianado and GIF by Giphy QA

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