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2023 refuses to show any mercy: Sonic Dream Team (All new 3D Sonic!) out Dec 5th


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Publisher SEGA and developer HARDlight have announced Sonic Dream Team, a 3D action platformer coming to Apple Arcade on December 5.



‎Sonic the Hedgehog is back in Sonic Dream Team! A game packed with non-stop action and thrilling adventures! Join Sonic and friends as they dive deep into a bizarre world of dreams! Unravel an...


Yes your eyes aren’t deceiving you, Cream is back!


This is apparently the team that makes the 3d  runners but this is their attempt at an actual 3D Sonic game with full movement and a story etc. This is actually the look I wish Frontiers had!


Very surprising release, Apple Arcade has some interesting stuff coming. I’m also hyped for the demonetized Disney Dreamlight Valley hitting the same day (and also a new Puzzle and Dragons the same day!)



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I wanted to give better impressions but I have to leave sooner than I thought but it is out and it is better than I thought even and Im excited. It looks amazing on my 15pro. It’s wide linear boost gameplay with a full 3d camera. Sonic fans (with apple devices) are gonna be happy here.

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Ok real quick. The game is sort of in between Frontiers and the boost games - there are parts where you blow past areas quickly like classic 3D Sonic but also parts where you explore a much wider area than those games, but by no means open world even as much as Bowsers Fury is. 


The acts are broken up into multiple scenes, think Mario64 style where you play the same level but different objectives. So an act might just be going through Sonic Adventure style but then there will be another scene in that act where it’s locked to a more open space that you run around and try to collect all the emeralds in.


The levels even when boosting are wider than the average Adventure (boost) style game with more routes and options. There are also Marioish goals of collecting red coins and blue coins. So there will be a lot to do and collect here! 

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