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Life can be depressing

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I found out that a good friend of mine who passed away suddenly earlier this year had died from a fentanyl overdose. They didn't know the cause until awhile after he passed away.

I know he was having horrible back pains that never went away. It just sucks that he's gone, and he was only 50 years old.


He was a good friend from work who worked for a different company that dealt with the gambling machines at my job. His job was to drive to numerous locations, paying out big winnings and accumulated payout tickets. I knew him for probably 20 years. Ever since my first job in Nevada, and my last job had the same gaming company machines. Three of my good long time friends worked at that company.


He'd come by, and we'd just talk about stuff for a long time. We both liked those cheese dip and crackers snack packs we'd snack on at the convenience store I worked at, and we would talk about the Lost TV series when it was new. He'd just stop by and see how I was doing.


When I worked the swing shift (this last job), he'd give me a ride home after he'd get off work not long after me. I always meant to hang out with him outside of work more, but it never happened because he had family stuff and I'd be too busy.


He'd even give me a ride to work if he was in the area and wasn't busy on a call. Or if the bus was late, he'd help get me to work so I wasn't too late.


I'm sorry; I just needed to get this out because I don't have anybody else to talk to.

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3 hours ago, Paperclyp said:

Sorry to hear that man. Substance addiction is such a hard thing for the person and the people around them. Can be a hopeless situation and those who want to help can be powerless. 

Addiction and especially the accidental overdoses can have such a sad rippling effect.  Around 2015 there was a guy in our circle who died from a fentanyl overdose, alone while his wife was at work, kid was in daycare. They came home to that. The guy who died had a younger brother that I knew in high school.  The brother committed suicide in 2020 and left behind a wife and 2 young daughters. I know losing his brother had to have played a part because they were so close. 
Just sad being in the wrong headspace or making the wrong choice in a moment can have such devastating effects. 

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Take comfort in the good memories and feelings you have for your friend. There is one person in particular that I think about occasionally that I grew up with. He died at work suddenly one day from a brain aneurysm. I like to think back to the couple sleepovers we had staying up all night playing video games. Seeing movies and doing odd jobs together to make money. Just makes me feel good.

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