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Equalizer Looking at Second Best Labor Day Opening

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I had never seen any of these, but decided to go through them since if they got Denzel to make a third, they must be worthwhile in some way, right? Not so much. I'm not sure if these are the worst movies ever, but they're not good, that's for sure. Denzel deserves better.


His characterization in these films just blows me away. McCall is such an odd collection of action movie tropes that just don't make sense when all put together. He's all the best parts of all the action heroes, but he's not interesting in any particular way. He's solitary, but also extremely social. He's a lone wolf, but has all the connections. He's a cold hearted killer, but he also has a heart of gold. He's a perfectionist, but only in ways that don't seem to matter. Above all else he's extremely capable, but you hardly ever get to see him do anything.


The action is just so bad. It seems like they forgot that you can use stunt doubles or something, because so much of the action feels held back by having a nearly 70 year old actor. They really like to cut straight to the aftermath of his encounters, as if the cool part is that it was all no sweat. No, the cool part is watching him do the cool things, don't just skip over it!


Edit: I posted this and then read @GeneticBlueprint's review and it seems I should have just copy and pasted it.

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