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Going to See an Antisemite Tomorrow AMA


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So I have a friend who really likes Pink Floyd and Roger Waters. And I guess he's having some live stream show at a movie theater. So they asked if I drove and they bought the ticket would I be interested in going. So I said "yeah." I'm not actually all that interested in his solo material from what I've heard but I thought it wouldn't hurt one way of the other.


Then they say his "politics" have gotten "extreme" so you may want to check that out before you go, and I look it up and see he is anti-Israel and pro Russia (isn't this kind of the opposite of Pink Floyd?) and I say oh it's "just" some antisemitism, but as long as he hasn't gone super maga, anti-vax flat earth I'm sure it will be fine and, pull your your Anakin and Padme meme, "because even you wouldn't go right?" right?


Anyway I hope uh he doesn't get too extreme I guess. 🤷‍♀️

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So I thought it was a good show. I think these articles about him being antisemetic and all that are attempted character assassinations, which he actually addresses during this show.


He's for "universal human rights" anti war, BLM, Trans rights, etc. Even has a segment saying Ronald Reagan, GWB and Trump are war criminals. So I think how can this guy be a POS?


In any case there is a part where he addresses the Anne Frank thing saying that he put her and Abu Akleh together is because they were murdered by the state. Also the SS garb is not exactly that. There is a small segment where he comes in dressed that way but it is as the hammer dictator from the movie The Wall, he's not literally trying to be a nazi.


So in any case it was a good show, the "extreme politics" were perhaps overblown, seems to be just common sense to me.


My biggest gripe with the show, and a lot of others, was the sound was a bit muddy. Supposedly they only had sound in mono which is kind of sacrilegious for a Roger Waters show.


@Commissar SFLUFAN

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Setting aside the allegations of anti-Semitism, Waters has fallen into the trap of other Western leftist intellectuals (such as Noam Chomsky) where they justifiably condemn nakedly imperialist actions by the US, Israel, and other Western nations, but just can't bring themselves to express similar sentiments towards similar actions by Russia in regard to its unprovoked aggression against Ukraine.  They genuinely believe that condemning Russia and/or supporting Ukraine somehow inherently implies tacit approval of ALL other aspects of American/Israeli/Western foreign policy.


It's this cognitive dissonance by Waters, Chomsky, et al. that drives other left-wing  intellectuals (like Zişek in the interview below) insane because the Ukrainian resistance to Russian imperialist ambitions embodies the very leftist notion of "popular war" against an imperialist aggressor:



In a wide-ranging interview with RFE/RL's Georgian Service, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek speaks about Russia's folly in its war against Ukraine, the deep divisions in Russian society, and why we shouldn't...


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However, this prop from the show is really close to being anti-Semitic:




The inclusion of a Star of David -- which is a symbol that encompasses the entirety of Judaism and not solely of the State of Israel -- on a prop intended to represent money-hungry war mongers tiptoes up to the line, if not crosses it entirely.

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I saw him in Toronto a few years ago, same night Tom Petty died. His pig was pink with just tons of Anti-Trump shit, but I admit I’ve been sort of sadden by his Ukraine take. Can’t seem to enjoy his solo stuff as much now, which is sad. It was a great concert as my seats were stage side 300lvl, and got to see his entire setup which was like an old timely industrial factory with included working smoke stacks. Trying to find some pictures, but I think they’re on an old phone/computer.

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On 5/26/2023 at 10:20 AM, Commissar SFLUFAN said:

However, this prop from the show is really close to being anti-Semitic:


I was going to address this earlier and say, "I do not recall seeing that symbol on the pig at the show I saw" in fact I believe the pig was white. Then I saw this article saying that it is indeed not from this show. Which kind of goes back to me saying there's someone out there just trying to make him look bad.

(Of course it's a picture from 2013 which has been changed but that's a different story)



Photo of floating Pink Floyd pig with a Star of David was shared amid Roger Waters backlash


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