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Goddess of Victory: Nikke


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Have any of you played this game? I know most of you are gamerz with a capital Z so you immediately scoff at the idea of a mobile game but this might be one of the most depressing games ever made.



The marketing surrounding this game makes it seem like a titillating lighthearted game, even the opening movie (above) seems innocent. You think you're just getting into a ol' fashioned game with girls that have their rear ends hanging out while they shoot some guns but the whole story of the game, the reason you're playing, is kind of unsettling. It was kind of telling in the half anniversary video they made the writer of the game remarked on how even he didn't want the game to keep going down the dark path that only seems to be getting darker.


The idea of the game is that these girls are actually androids called Nikkes, that basically are there to serve / protect humans who have been driven underground by freaky robots called Raptures. A lot of a Nikke's life feels kind of worthless, they are discriminated against and considered subhuman by many people. Heck even a few minutes into the story you see what has to happen to them once they become corrupted by a rapture. In any case they have story events every so often and mostly about how humans suck too and the latest event was about how the Ark (the underground city) came to be and the trials and tribulations of the "Goddess Squad" and well unfortunately it deals with tragic loss and the mental toll it takes on one of the characters.


Now, I am enjoying the game. It's a good looking game with great artwork, and the music is pretty good as well. But I just had to vent that the game does not conjure positive feelings. 🥹





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So this latest event introduced a new catgirl named Nero that is supposed to make you go  jim carrey GIF

But the story is like punishment for your horniness.


She runs an animal shelter and the story is about a one year old cat named Ruru that was abandoned at the dump by her owners. So you and Nero work together to try to persuade the cat to come to the shelter. Eventually the cat comes to the shelter but you find that the cat is in poor health because it was left at the dump, so it doesn't have long to live. So you essentially give Ruru the happiest day ever, and at this point you think surely the cat will pull through



On the last day Ruru requests to return to the dump where the owners left them. And she cries all day long through the rain for the owners to come back until she dies.


Even the coldest hearts would shed a tear to this story :cry:

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