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How do you arrange your books?


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I'm curious how those who have physical books typically arrange them on their shelves. By size? By genre? By author? By purchase order?  Completely randomly?


When I moved into my apartment I just threw them on my bookshelves in a hurry and arranged them (mostly) by size, figuring I would put more thought into it later.... That was two years ago now. :p  Below is the same pic I posted a few months ago...


The other day I was searching for a specific book and found it to be kind of an annoying pain, so I was thinking it might finally be time to tackle this project soon. 


How do you arrange your books?






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It makes sense to me, but may look weird to someone just looking in. 

First, I keep my read book on different shelves than my unread books(I have a lot of those, lol). I keep fiction separate from nonfiction. With fiction, I keep authors together and mostly by genre(horror, historical fiction, classics, contemporary, etc). Similar with nonfiction, I try too keep the subjects separated(military, WWII, civil rights, Middle Ages, etc). 

I try to alphabetize within those subsections, but it doesn’t always work out. 

And my Book of the Month titles have their own section and are alpha by author. 

Works for me and I have this weird joy with occasionally reorganizing my books if I get unsatisfied with something. 

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I try to keep them arranged by authors as well as if they are hardcover/paperback as in all my hardcover Stephen Kings are together and all my paperback Stephen Kings are together in another spot, though I have so many damn books that the truth is I can only do that with only so many authors and have tons of books in closets, in boxes, and elsewhere. 

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