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Hot Wheels Unleashed Looney Tunes Expansion


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This is really fun. It’s definitely better than I thought it would be, at least before I started hearing the positive impressions after launch. It has a really solid handling model and definitely feels like a proper arcade racing game and not some cheep license knock off. 


It looks great as well. 800p/60/high settings on deck. Also seems good overall for single player with a story mode world tour thingy that I wish MK would copy now that I’ve seen it. Though I wouldn’t mind a 3D hub like Diddy either. But in some ways I like the map view just because it really separates it from Horizon with a focus on races rather than more exploration. Which, I love, but I have Horizon already and nobody is going to beat Playground at that game for awhile. 


The looney toon world is super fun to race in, I love how it’s like a theme park. This whole game is actually Universal Studios the game with hot wheels branding I realize, and I love that. It does make me want to get more expansions at least the Batman one. Would love an actual Jurassic Park expansion, that’s gotta be coming. I know they have cars and are doing a season on it atm.


Some complaints:


You can create tracks, which I have no interest in but that’s usually cool because it means unlimited tracks from people who do like creating stuff. Right? Kinda.


You can only play them online in private lobbies and on time attack against a ghost. You can’t use them in quick mode. This is some Nintendo like bullshit. I didn’t but it even knowing it had this function so I guess whatever but once I saw it there it was super disappointing to notice that. Makes no damn sense.


Maybe they can come up online in quick march too, I’m not sure, but even if so, any track you want to play coming up would be so rare it doesn’t matter much.


And actually, online in general on pc didn’t seem super popping but that’s not my thing so I didn’t try for long. 


Along these lines, that would seem like a good way if you could play custom tracks, to take advantage of roaming around your custom basement. I kind of don’t get the point of the custom basement because you can’t easily just drive around it?


The other issue I have is just yeah the general nickel and dime monetization going on here for a paid game. I get the expansions but there’s all these cars and even like track mechanic type stuff that are separate bite sized dlc, and I hate bite sized dlc. I’ll get looney tunes, batman, and the main game for less than $60 because of the cdkeys deal and that’s probably a decent content value, but that’s by using a key site over a year after launch. $80 for that would seem like a lot. And then it’s just you still don’t get everything. There’s all this other stuff to buy. I don’t like that.


I don’t know what the solution is, I know they can’t just keep bumping out free content. And I don’t know why I don’t get the same feeling with Horizon which does the same thing. Maybe because the themes here make me actually want more stuff like the tmnt cars? Idk.


But what’s there for the $42 I paid seems like plenty of good content for me to go through and it’s a lot of fun!

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Ugh, the ultimate edition which includes batman, monster trucks, and a whole bunch of bonus shit is only $43 on epic so I could have gotten all that extra stuff for just the price of the Batman dlc. It’s not as convenient on steam deck then since I have to use the launcher first but ugh I totally would have done that. 

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This game is pretty damn faun ya, played a bunch last night. The physics feel so good and they are simulated after toys not cars so the jumps and loops kind of feel like how you’d expect a toy to feel, it’s a pretty neat trick. 

I thought Warner Bros was publishing it because of the type of content it’s getting but I guess not. I’d love to see them continuing to add the type of content they have been, more cartoony stuff. They have the mystery machine but a full scooby doo land would be cool. Make this a cartoon theme park.

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