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Resident Evil 7, 2 & 3 Remake Available for Next Gen Consoles TODAY | Support for 4K, high frame rate and Raytracing | Free upgrade for previous owners including PC


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I've only tried out RE2's RT so far, and the differences range from subtle to fairly dramatic. You can easily tell the difference on the very first bit of gameplay as actual stuff is reflected on the storefront rather than just vague colors.


But there were two problem spots for me in particular in the original release of the game: reflective hardwood floors and the flooded hallway. The hideous, hyper-pixelated, blurry-when-the-camera-moves floors could be "fixed" by turning off Screen Space Reflections, but this left the flooded hallway looking quite bland. Luckily with RT, we no longer have to choose!


Another problem was the fact that the blacks in the game were all light gray, which looks like absolute dog shit on any display capable of producing even halfway decent blacks. This is easily fixed with reshade, dunno about consoles though.


Anyway I took 3 screenshots for reference. While I've noticed many many places where reflections and some bounced lighting absolutely enhance the mood, I figured the flooded hallway was a good basic starting point. We've got RT, SSR, and neither. RT High produces the full, proper reflection (including Leon or Claire) with no weird blurring or pixelated artifacts, it also produces reflections for objects much further into the distance. SSR looks okay-ish depending on the angle but always has artifacts and of course only works at very specific angles and can produce some strange looking reflections, as well as just straight up not reflecting many objects. No RT or SSR just kinda leaves a lot of the game looking flat.


The screenshots probably don't seem very dramatic, but with RT on high this area is much, much more atmospheric and technically impressive and you notice it with every step and every camera angle.





As a side note, the game has a new epilepsy warning splash screen and no longer has the Resident Evil 3 advertisement on the main menu. Also I'm not sure when FidelityFX SR was added, but enabling it on quality (NOT high quality) brought me up from 70ish FPS maxed out at 4k to 100ish, and looked roughly identical, noticeably blurrier but not by a significant degree. Certainly no DLSS but not bad for what it is. Any setting under quality made it look like blurry shit though, and ultra quality made it run at half the FPS as turning it off.


That's all I got, I ain't fuckin' Digital Foundry, but I wanted to share because I am quite pleased with this update. It's noticeable, but it doesn't drastically alter the style of the game, just improves it.

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I thought it was fine in RE2R, though I hadn't yet noticed the weird reflection occlusion issue. (Performance wasn't an issue because I'm not playing on a 1060 lol, still well above 90+ FPS even at native 4k) In RE7 though the opening of the game just made it fucking terrible.



Non-baked (I assume) shadows had a weird dithering pattern which I do not remember from the base game, and the ray tracing is so low quality (likely because the patch is made for weak ass consoles with weak ass AMD GPUs) that you get to watch as the single ray being traced runs along and tries his hardest to get the reflections done in time.

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On 6/14/2022 at 4:42 AM, best3444 said:

Sweet. Probably play part 7 again since I only beat it once and it was VR. 


Hell, I may play part 2 again as well. It's probably the best RE game even over 4 for me.

    Resident Evil 2 is by far the best game in the series, at least to me. I'd put RE1 next and then 8 with 4 being 4th, 7 next RE Code Veronica, followed buy RE0, then 3, 5 and 6 being trash. RE4 is a great game but so greatly over rated in my opinion. 3 was short and fun but not memorable like 1, 2. Loved 7 but in a different way that the first two originals. The remakes were amazing too. I'm more excited for Dead Space 1 & 2 than a remake of 4, but I'll buy it day one because I'm a huge fan. RE1, Gran Turismo and Destruction Derby were my first 3 PS1 games. Some great stuff there, but GT2 was hands down pure greatness...   

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