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What are your bad habits?


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Easy for me, I smoke.


I'm also a huge procrastinator. I kind of find it hard to get motivated when I'm not in crisis mode. Why do something when I have all the time in the world when I know it'll take me 12 hours, while I could wait until I have only six hours left to do it, then I can get it done in six hours? Sure, I might be taking a year off my life every time I do that, but I saved six hours.

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Just now, Biggie said:

Eating bad food. 

That could be another one for me. I don't really eat for pleasure, I eat when my body tells me I need calories, and I don't particularly care where that comes from. That can turn into a problem when you get off work at 4am and the only thing available is gas station food.



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17 minutes ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

High end PC equipment purchases of course! :sun:

That used to be one of mine, though not to the same level as you. Now that I'm pretty set on the course of moving all the time, I'm thinking of buying a swanky gaming laptop.

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