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The Foreign Policy "Blob" controls American policy and will continue getting us into disasters like Afghanistan


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My time at a leading foreign-policy think tank helped me understand why we keep winding up in disastrous wars — and why Afghanistan won't be the last



It's possible to bypass the paywall with a quick finger on the Stop button. 



I thought this was a fascinating article coming from someone who spent time in the world of the Foreign Policy think tank world. It displays the way money and people flow from government to think tanks to the military industrial complex, and back again. And it's all in service of perpetuating the profit of these defense corporations through slick neoliberal policy proposals of fighting foreign imperialist wars for the purposes of "spreading democracy" or "advancing human rights."



Into one end of the Blob goes the money — gifts from corporations, wealthy individuals, and, in some cases, foreign governments. Out the other end comes white papers, books, op-ed articles, salaries, fellowships, and panel discussions. The content of the output varies widely, and contains occasional notes of disagreement, which is what makes it so much more slippery and effective than the classical authoritarian propaganda of the 20th century, which was intended to awe and manipulate crowds by playing to their basest emotions. Call it blobaganda, a process through which intelligent people are gently led to a preordained conclusion, brought to you by Raytheon and General Dynamics.



Long story short, there's going to be another Afghanistan. 

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9 hours ago, CayceG said:

bypass the paywall



Download JavaScript Toggle On and Off (WebExtension) for Firefox. Toggle JavaScript engine on and off the easy way


Just gotta remember to turn JavaScript back on when you're done because it's global, not just for the site you're on, so you'll be confused why websites are broken in weird ways if you don't turn it back off promptly.

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