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Tell me a moment you’re proud of yourself for.


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Naturally, it can be anything.


I'm really fortunate - but one thing thats come back around recently was the following:


I decided to do some extra fitness for rugby training. After a few weeks some other people from my team wanted to join in. About three weeks later, somehow word had spread and there were about 20 people from my club, about 5 from rival clubs that joined our club afterwards and some random girls a few guys met on a night out.


Organising and delivering that felt much bigger than it really was. Pleasantly, I’ve already had requests from people asking for it to start up again.

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20 minutes ago, Rachel said:

Things I’m proud of myself for:

  1. Refurbishing furniture
  2. Getting sober 
  3. Socializing feral kittens and seeing them go to happy homes
  4. Learning how to cook
  5. Being a loving partner and fostering a healthy relationship 
  6. Remaining close with my three best friends I’ve known since I was 5, 7, and 13 years old
  7. Standing up to and suing my employers who broke the law 
  8. Working proactively on my mental health
  9. Treating everyone on d1p like shit



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4 minutes ago, Rachel said:

i care 


Thank you. I still won't mention anything else just because it could come off as bragging. I'm just very thankful for a lot of things these days and being sober attributes to that.


I'm proud of you for getting sober as well. I can see your life has accelerated in so many positive ways. At least that's how I'm seeing it through the forum. 

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