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E3 2021 Virtual Participants: Who's In


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Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Ubisoft, and more to appear at E3 2021

Take-Two Interactive
Warner Bros. Games
Koch Media

These are those who made "early commitments."   More should come, but it's notable that Sony is out at this point.

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4 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Jim Ryan went to an E3 and saw the games and thought "who would want to play these games?" so he decided they wouldn't participate in an E3.


Sounds more like his quote on PS1/PS2 games. ;)

There should be genuine concerns about the convention center in future E3's.  So few demos, so much fluff and closed-door presentations.  I felt bad for those who paid to go.

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12 minutes ago, gamer.tv said:

I would love it if they threw all the demos available at E3 onto the various  platforms for a limited time so we could all get involved. (I’be not clicked on a link so if that’s happening, yay).


Stick around for Steam's show if you want in on that.

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