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Amazon Can Make Just About Anything—Except a Good Video Game (Schreier)


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Interesting article. It really seems like Amazon needs to be better at deciding what "the Amazon way" means for any given project,.


I know Amazon likes to build their own tools, but where they've been successful is when they've built a tool that is best of breed, which they can then sell as a product or service. So it makes sense that they'd want to build their own engine. Still, if I was starting up a game division, there's no way that I start off by building my own engine. If there's one common thread among "corporate overlord screws up game development" stories, it's almost always about forcing some engine.


It also seems like it's obvious that the data centric Amazon approach would not be a good fit for video games. 


Maybe you should have a video game guy in charge of a billion dollar video game business. Just a thought.


My understanding of Amazon Studios is that they were not like this. That article mentions that every Amazon game needed to be a billion dollar franchise. Early Amazon Studios acquisition was Chi-Raq, not a film I'd describe as destined for a mainstream audience. It probably helps that Amazon Studios has been run by people in the industry and that they can purchase projects like Chi-Raq after they've mostly been completed. I guess we'll see how their LOTR project goes, but overall I haven't gotten the impression that it's completely dysfunctional like Amazon Gaming apparently is.



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