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Campuses in crisis: professors are being fired for their opinions

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“Most of the incidents where presumptively conservative speech has been interrupted or squelched in the last two or three years seem to involve the same few speakers: Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray, and Ann Coulter ,” Sanford Ungar, the Free Speech Project’s director, writes. “In some instances, they seem to invite, and delight in, disruption.”

You don't say.

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 I work at a college and I can tell you it’s a bizarre world of one-up-manship, the game being who is the most enlightened and sensitive. The participants are a mixture of the naive and the cynical. Still, it’s better than crazy ass “real men this, real men that” BS of the right. It’s no fun being caught between extreme empathy and extreme apathy. But if I have to live in a world where people over do things, and I always will because this is D’Earth, then I’ll Choose caring over hate. 

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