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  1. Just for perspective, the Spanish Empire lasted 100 years longer than the age of the United States. It's gonna be a long ride down.
  2. If the Dems had any balls (they don't) and won big they should launch a review of all Federal judges and analyze how they rule. Those that extend beyond the construct of the constitution all get impeachment trials.
  3. White men always controlled everything and they want their power consolidated to remind the rest of us that we live "freely" only with their permission.
  4. http://en.m.wikipedia.org//static/favicon/wikipedia.ico Svalbard Global Seed Vault - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Like this with DNA and frozen sperm/eggs
  5. http://secure.actblue.com//cf/static/actblue/favicon.ico I donated to Get Mitch or Die Trying. SECURE.ACTBLUE.COM Do your part to flip the Senate by donating to the eventual Democratic nominee in 10 seats we need to flip (and one to protect). This splits the money among the Senate races that are listed in this thread as most in need. My wife and I just gave $500. Screenshot-20200919-104056 IBB.CO Image Screenshot-20200919-104056 hosted in ImgBB
  6. I know some boomer dudes who should have retired during the Obama years too, but here they are, fucking up my day!
  7. It's not. Because then the election becomes about the supreme court pick and he'll energize conservatives.
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