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  1. Good to See Nintendo doing well. Good news for the industry and all console gamers.
  2. Anyone playing The Evil Within 2?

    I need to finish the first game before jumping into 2
  3. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    Yeah, I bought VC and it upgraded my player to 85, as I really just want to enjoy the game with my player and don't really care about the grind. It is clear many went that route as there are a lot of 85s or higher in the Playground. It is clear 2K is pushing you to spend money on VC. I think that is their goal to keep to you spending money, but really who is surprised that is what they are in business to do.
  4. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    I did, and really enjoying My Player mode. The neighborhood is so good, so much to do.
  5. Xbone RIP 8/25/17

    No surprise, X1S replaced the original so makes sense.
  6. Awesome news. Can't wait to see how improved the 360 BC games are if any running on the X..
  7. Other than Live subscriptions, I assume the bulk of MS's money comes from Windows and pcs, I just assumed there was no way they were going to catch Sony this gen, and I am sure that is not even their goal at this point with the Xbox. I think their company pride was hurt with all the negative feedback on the launch X1, so they released the X1S which to me is a fantastic revision, and the purpose of the X imo is not to catch Sony but it is that pride thing again, a proud successful company with deep pockets is Microsoft, so they wanted to at least put out a console with the specs that exceeded what the competition had at the time. I think they felt they were outdone by Sony and the PS4 and along with the negative feedback from devs, gaming community that is how the X was born. I thought the whole point of merging the Xbox into Windows was because MS had planned to move away from the Xbox, that is why they pushed to release their games not only on the Xbox but win 10. I would really be surprised if we see another Xbox after the X, as a company MS's survival is not dependent on the brand so they should be fine no matter what happens going forward.
  8. Help - Xbone won't load games/apps

    Now that I think about it, I was trying to play Tekken 7 last night and the game would load then go back to the main screen. I really did not pay attention since I was waiting for Uncharted Lost to install, but Xbox support said they are aware and working on a fix. Hopefully, they will get it resolved.
  9. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy reviews are rolling in

    I made it to mission 2 last night with limited play. Absolutely love the uncharted games. I like taking photos and use them for my pc and phone back grounds, wallpapers. I would like to see the series continue because as my tastes go, you can pluck anyone into the main character shoes, as Drake is not the reason I love all the previous games, as the gameplay, story, visuals, gunplay, and finding treasures, are what keeps me playing, so being able to play as the ladies, I am fine with, actually prefer kicking ass with hot women as the main character like in Tomb Raider.
  10. I am still playing through my season in Madden 17, which I really like. Everything I have seen in 18, the Frostbite engine really improves the visuals and to me the game already looked pretty good so I am looking forward to Madden 18, especially to see the PS4 Pro, and X1X, benefits. Is the Switch version coming out? I have heard little about that version.
  11. I am messing around with the demo and there is something still off with how the game plays, so I am sticking with 2K, as Live is still not on that level which is sad because EA has been making basketball games going way back and this is the best they can do. LIVE seems better than previous EA attempts, but not good enough for me to buy or switch over to.
  12. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    Just preordered also on Amazon.