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  1. Best Buy Dropping GCU

    I never bought enough games from BB, so not really an issue.
  2. What's your 360 collection look like?

    hundreds and hundreds of games. 360 is my alltime favorite console so I own more games for it than any other console, ever.
  3. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    I have been waiting for this one to hit BC. Awesome. Damn, finally beat Frost tonight after many years of trying.
  4. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    Burnout Revenge has been added to BC...
  5. Gamespot: How 343 Plans To Fix Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    I primarily only play single player so all they need to do for me is update the games for the X1X 4K.
  6. Love Halo. I am hoping MS gets the MCC updated for X1X 4K.
  7. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    I am 65% complete with this game so I am definitely firing this one back up. Awesome it finally hit BC
  8. Playing Conker now, and damn it looks pretty good. Panzer looks great also.
  9. X1X Enhanced Games

    The Division is now updated 4K
  10. I say keep em coming. I assume the BC team is not the same team responsible for new game decisions.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.windowscentral.com/original-xbox-games-run-sixteen-times-resolution-xbox-one-x%3famp#ampshare=https://www.windowscentral.com/original-xbox-games-run-sixteen-times-resolution-xbox-one-x