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  1. I watched it earlier today. Loved it, very informative
  2. X1X Enhanced Games

    The 360 X enhanced games look like remasters running on the X. NG Black is not X enhanced, but it sure does still look and plays amazing. One of my all-time favorite games. Halo3, Assassin Creed X360 versions are enhanced too.
  3. Great response. Exactly, what I was thinking...
  4. This is my feeling. Really don't care what is on the PC since I have no interest in PC gaming, and the Pro plays my few Sony exclusives I like. Everything else I have on the X so all 3rd party games are exclusive to Xbox since that is the platform I buy them on. I already prefer the Xbox OS, apps, setup, updates, controller, video capture, online to Sony, so that is just gravy. I have a huge 360 catalog that I still play on BC which is also a plus.
  5. I love the Pro but what MS did here with the X, and how it enhances every Xbox, 360, OG Xbox, X1 game whether they are X enhanced or not is impressive. It is on another level.
  6. Picking up the X tomorrow

    Phil Spencer just reported Hitman has just been X Enhanced
  7. I am really enjoying Payback. It is a nice departure from Forza & GT. Fine wit it..
  8. Too much to play in my house on Xbox. I am having game overload right now, going through my mountain of Xbox games especially with all the new games that just released. All you can really do is keep it moving, and really don't worry about what someone else says.
  9. Very informative. I noticed a difference as soon as I loaded up the game on the X.
  10. That is how I see it. I have decades worth of games spanning back to the original Nes, and everything in between, so If they never release another game going forward there is plenty to get caught up on for me from my backlog.
  11. Gears 3, Ninja Gaiden Black, any 360 or OG Xbox, BC game, X1 game will be improved in some way. You will see improvements in any game you pop whether you have a 1080p tv or higher. What MS has achieved here is pretty impressive, no matter what you have thought about them in the past.
  12. Really loving how good the OG Xbox and X360 BC games look and play on the X.
  13. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Ninja Gaiden Black. Really don't want to start the newly released games until 11/7
  14. Every game is exclusive if the Xbox is the console I buy them on. Me too, I got too much to play.