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  1. The Forza games at the moment I am loving, but really too many for me to just pick one, as I am enjoying all the enhanced games. I know Ninja Gaiden Black is not an X enhanced title but the game looks amazing running on the X1X. It is one of my alltime favorite games, ever.
  2. Damn, this sucks. I have many hours invested in the 360 version and continued on X1 back compat. I was hoping for the 360 version to become an X1X Enhanced game that way not to loose my game save while enjoying the enhanced visuals.
  3. Nice, the more platforms devs can get their games on the better for all gamers.
  4. Turok

    Was hoping for a remake. $40 seems to much to me.
  5. I just started and customizing my character, but features are a little lacking.
  6. New Aliens game

    Anything even remotely similar to Aliens I am down with.
  7. LTTP: I REALLY liked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    I have to get back into RE7. Really love the atmosphere of the game.
  8. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    Far Cry 2 and 2 others were just added. I sure hope Ubi gets the Xbox original, and 360 Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon games licensing issues worked out and approved for bc. Would love to play them on the X. Great games never get old.
  9. X1X Enhanced Games

    Forza Horizon 3 X1X update being released as we speak.
  10. No, just put the games on as many platforms as possible. Better for all gamers..
  11. Kodi now available on Xbox one!!

    Works on all Xbox Ones
  12. I watched it earlier today. Loved it, very informative
  13. X1X Enhanced Games

    The 360 X enhanced games look like remasters running on the X. NG Black is not X enhanced, but it sure does still look and plays amazing. One of my all-time favorite games. Halo3, Assassin Creed X360 versions are enhanced too.
  14. Great response. Exactly, what I was thinking...
  15. This is my feeling. Really don't care what is on the PC since I have no interest in PC gaming, and the Pro plays my few Sony exclusives I like. Everything else I have on the X so all 3rd party games are exclusive to Xbox since that is the platform I buy them on. I already prefer the Xbox OS, apps, setup, updates, controller, video capture, online to Sony, so that is just gravy. I have a huge 360 catalog that I still play on BC which is also a plus.