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  1. Battlefield Hardline: 720p X1, 900p PS4

    I said "on consoles"...most ssd comparisons so far show a pretty minor difference vs a hard drive upgrade. Consoles obviously aren't optimized to take advantage of a ssd's performance.
  2. Battlefield Hardline: 720p X1, 900p PS4

    Yeah ssd's on consoles don't make a major difference overall compared to a decent hard drive. The performance difference vs the price and lack of size doesn't make them worthwhile at all. With the size of games and all the gwg/ps+/ea access freebies storage space is MUCH more important. I have over a TB worth of game already on my X1 alone.
  3. Battlefield Hardline: 720p X1, 900p PS4

    You can plug a SSD or any hard drive into the X1.
  4. Thankfully, it's not an issue for me...I use a charging dock for my PS4 controllers and Eneloops for my XB1. I never use the USB ports at all (except when a firmware update is needed).
  5. Fair enough but that just proves that $60 isn't a bad price for this release. Also I believe there is a separately sold dlc pack or 2 that isn't included with the season pass on the pc.
  6. How is $60 an insult? The Pre-Sequel alone with all content currently costs $95 on Steam and the cheapest it has been on sale for so far is $30 off...it's only 3 months old. Borderlands 2 with all content is normally $55. You can't get all of that for 60 bucks even if you get them on sale. I'm one of the ones who has been hoping for this announcement as have several of my friends. I'm a Borderlands fan but passed on the pre-sequel because of when it released with no XB1/PS4 version. Now that it's going to be on the new systems at an even better price I'll definitely pick it up. Being able to transfer my BL2 save over and continue playing that is icing on the cake.
  7. Having owned multiple DS's hasn't created a stockpile of chargers for me. If I upgrade to a new ds theres no reason to keep the old, redundant one around. I trade it in or sell it and obviously the charger it came with is an expected part of the system that goes with it. Now if I want to follow the same upgrade path I'll have to buy an adapter like everyone else. Being a long time customer isn't saving me shit in this situation.
  8. Nintendo has a lot of shit aspects to their hardware and services but having the SD card behind a screw is a non-issue in comparison. Considering it is something I'll likely never swap for the life of the system I actually don't mind that it's more securely locked away. Nintendo has the worst digital download system/policies in existence so filling up even a 4GB card will never happen for me...I don't buy much from them digitally. If I ever do need to swap it you're talking what, an extra 5 or 10 seconds of inconvenience? The charger on the other hand is a different story. Requiring a mandatory, proprietary charger for the operation of your device and not including it in the box is absolutely moronic/horrible/sleezy/greedy/anti-consumer/etc/etc. That's pretty unprecedented.
  9. Your Top Five Of The Year...

    1) Dark Souls 2 2) Forza Horizon 3) Dragon Age: Inquisition 4) GTA V (current gen) 5) Far Cry 4 Honorable mention: Master Chief Collection Shadow of Mordor Sunset Overdrive Diablo 3: UEE Titanfall South Park; SoT
  10. How do you join the preview program?

    I've enjoyed being in the preview program but yeah, you definitely have to be willing to put up with some bugs and frequent system updates...sometimes 3 or 4 per week.
  11. Ready to Start, my ass...

    Ready to start all depends on the game on either the PS4/XB1...it's not perfect by any means. Some games play fine from that point and with others you'll hit some kind of wall with an install gauge, or you'll just be stuck in a specific area, or you won't be able to play online, etc. Understandably so, open world/non-linear games seem to have the most issues...you're better off just letting the install finish. Thankfully you can play other games or apps while a game is installing so I just do that and wait until it hits 100%.
  12. EA Access?

    The service really is a great value. All the vault games are yours as long as you're subscribed. It's better than PS+/GwG in that it doesn't matter if you let the subscription lapse or when you sign up since games don't get removed. You always have "everything". 10% off all EA purchases and full game trials 5 days before release are icing on the cake. Battlefield 4 Madden 25 FIFA 14 Peggle 2 Need for Speed: MW Plants vs Zombies: GW UFC
  13. Xbox One: Forza Horizon 2 Sunset Overdrive Master Chief Collection PS4: Last of Us LBP3 ??? WiiU: Don't have
  14. Ubi can't even get Tetris right....

    I know it's cool to hate on Ubisoft but this probably should be directed to the actual developers of the game.
  15. Do you play more with your Xbox One or PS4?

    I have both and play the Xbox One way more and have been buying most multiplats there lately as well. I prefer the xb1 controller and not having to constantly charge it...prefer the system features, xbl, and multitasking...have a much bigger, long standing friends list there...it has better exclusives that I'm playing more...better storage solution to actually hold my large library...better attention and support by MS...yada, yada.