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If someone doesn't want to go down the rabbit hole of SCART cables and modding systems for RGB. RAD2X Cables built using RetroTink scalars have been getting a lot of praise.






RetroTINK helps connect retro consoles to modern displays and more. Our line of products converts legacy video formats with high quality and minimal visual distortion for the most authentic experience.


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I own two industrial video upscalers myself for when I hookup an old console.  Ones so small it's pocketable and the other is a massive rack mount unit.  They both are able to passthrough audio via HDMI which is awesome.  The small one is comparable in quality to the upscalers that were built into Panasonic plasma televisions and the larger one puts out a crisper picture.  Even gets rid of a good deal of the purple fringing issue the Genesis/Sega CD had.  Neither of them are obviously specifically designed for gaming, but they get the job done and it's nice having a solution that works for all my analogue hardware. 


I have considered building a RetroTINK at some point, but I have an Analogue Pocket on pre-order so I'm going to see what the FPGA scene will be like with that first as I ordered the television dock with it.  

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