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Microsoft should bring back XSN, along with an NFL-less football game

XxEvil AshxX

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There was a time when I would've thought an NFL-less football game would've been a pointless endeavor... but, nowadays, it's not so silly a thought. There are several reasons for this; for one, pretty much everyone is tired of EA's bullshit. Madden has been a joke for years, and now we've learned that EA has secured the exclusive NFL license for at least the next few years. It feels like we won't ever get to play another good football game, ever.


I think people would be willing to play a great football game, even if it didn't have licensed teams. I know, 2K tried this with All-Pro Football back when it lost the license, and it bombed, as it was extremely generic. But that was then. That was before online streaming, before deep character and decal customization, before e-sports. If e-sports have proven anything, it's that it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's fun and there's a healthy community. If only there was a way to get people in with a really low cost of admission... oh, hello GAME PASS.


Bring back AMPED, toss Forza Motorsport under the umbrella, and you already have an Xbox branded sports network tied together by game pass and xbox live. MLB doesn't hold onto its license nearly as tightly as NFL does, so that wouldn't be off the table either. Also, I would totally play a generic Wrestling game if it was a throwback to WCW vs NWO with excellent character customization.


C'mon MS, do it. Doooo iiiiiit!

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2 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

You forgot Rallisport Challenge


I didn't, I frickin' loved Rallisport Challenge 2, but I figured if they were gonna do anything like that it would fall under the Forza umbrella.


I DEFINITELY think there should be another Amped though. Talk about missing an opportunity. Amped and Amped 2 were alright, but when they mixed up the formula for Amped 3, it was excellent.

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