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Why Sonic Mania's level design is excellent


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Whenever I talk about Sonic Mania to fans of the series, there's a sizable portion who think it's the best Sonic with impeccable level design. The levels always felt good, but this video does a really good job comparing the original Flying Battery to the one in Mania and what Mania does to make it a far better level. Not a long watch, but an informative one.



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15 hours ago, stepee said:

Tagged to watch later. But yeah, the level design in Mania is incredible.


Totally worth the watch. I don't remember falling in love with Flying Battery when I played S&K, but the video really does do a great job deconstructing how much more agency the new design gives you (no more elevators) and how much better it is at teaching you about the traps and enemies.

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I enjoyed Sonic Mania, but it just reinforced to me that I don't find the series to be all that good in the first place. 


Remove my nostalgia for Sonic (the art style / music / entire package), and give me that game brand new, I would feel a little ripped off. Add in my nostalgia and I'm like, hey yeah cool they did it. I remember this. 

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