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IGN Interviews Shinji Mikami

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As Part of their New Icons Month


Here's an interesting excerpt where he talks about his movie influences.



IGN: You’ve cited Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre as influences, but modern horror movies have undergone a renaissance, with movies like The Witch, It, The Babadook, and Hereditary being notable newcomers. But recently the movie Midsommar was released, which was unusual compared to other films because its horror elements take place in the daytime, often in the full light of day. Do you think you could make an effective horror game that avoids the darkness altogether?


SM: I watched Midsommar. It's an unimaginable horror set in bright scenes. The underlying essence of the movie seems to lie elsewhere, but I don't want to spoil the movie [for those who haven't seen it.]

A movie that inspired me most recently is a little old: Inception. You can see the inspiration in The Evil Within. Players seemed to be scared of zombies and creatures in the 80s and 90s, but they seemed to have gotten immune to physical horror and it doesn't seem to scare people as much anymore.


I'm playing through The Evil Within 2 now and can definitely see the influences. Put your IGN biases aside and read the interview... it's short but interesting.

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SM: GhostWire is a completely new type of game so I really hope people look forward to it.

Oh I hope he goes full Death Stranding and tries some really crazy shit.


Really looking forward to this new game and some of his comments regarding 'tank controls' are interesting and fun.

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