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HBO Max won't count towards AT&T data cap, other streaming services will

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According to an AT&T executive familiar with the matter, HBO Max is using AT&T’s “sponsored data” system, which technically allows any company to pay to excuse its services from data caps. But since AT&T owns HBO Max, it’s just paying itself: the data fee shows up on the HBO Max books as an expense and on the AT&T Mobility books as revenue. For AT&T as a whole, it zeroes out. Compare that to a competitor like Netflix, which could theoretically pay AT&T for sponsored data, but it would be a pure cost.


Great news, it's not technically a breach of net neutrality since the company is paying for the data usage in advance! Well...except that the company is a part of the other company, so no money exchanges hands...

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Comcast has been suspending its data cap since mid-march which, seeing as there's been MORE traffic from private homes in that time from people working from home and doing Zoom/Skype/Discord/whatever, means that the caps were never necessary for anything except trying gouge people. Just get rid of data caps.

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