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For Your Consideration: Drug Dealer Simulator and Autopsy Simulator

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Ripping people off with crappy drugs in Drug Dealer Simulator (PC Gamer)


The first thing you see when you load up Drug Dealer Simulator is a warning that it contains content "inappropriate for whining bitches", which should give you an idea of how serious its depiction of the drug trade is. The Wire this ain't. But to its credit, it isn't just a throwaway novelty like Goat Simulator or Table Manners either. There's an actual game here, and some interesting systems to tinker with, including being able to create your own drug concoctions

Steam Store page



Cut up corpses and then get chased by them in Autopsy Simulator (PC Gamer)


Autopsy Simulator follows a pathologist named Jack—like Cher, he needs no surname—as he cuts up cadavers and uses science to uncover causes of death. A straightforward autopsy sim sounds like an intriguing, if morbid, curio, but unfortunately some "sinister forces" won't let Jack get on with his job, instead opting to scare the poor guy. 

Steam Store page



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