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Finally! A game where you are the Pontifex Maximus!

Commissar SFLUFAN

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I shall be known as Supreme Pontiff Anastasius Ignatius Pius I


Pope Simulator promises a 'realistic' depiction of life as the Supreme Pontiff


Did you ever say to yourself when you were young, "When I grow up I want to be the Pope?" No? Well here's your big chance anyway, sort of: Pope Simulator, a new addition to the menagerie of weird, ultra-niche sims on PC that promises to immerse players in a "realistic" depiction of life as the Pontiff.


The game begins on Conclave day, when the College of Cardinals elects a new Pope—that's you. You'll begin your reign by choosing a coat of arms, which will apparently impact the course of your papacy, and from there you'll set out to influence the course of the world through the application of "soft power": Organizing pilgrimages, advocating for world peace, moderating conflicts, and otherwise strategically wielding the influence of the Vatican.


Steam Store page




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